Utility & Telecom Trailers

Save time by hauling cable reels, coil pipe, stick pipe, utility poles and more directly to utility construction sites with Stellar® Utility Trailers and Telecom Trailers.

Keep Productivity Moving

If you’re a telecommunications contractor or work in the utilities industry, you know how important it is to have trailers tailored to your projects’ demands. Every telecom and utilities project is unique in its own way, requiring different equipment to get the job done properly and successfully. When you’re on a job, the last thing that you need to worry about is having the right trailer when you have a lot of work to get done.

You need a trailer you can count on. Stellar is here with heavy duty utility trailers and telecom trailers for all project types to help you haul equipment and achieve jobsite success. Used by rural electric power companies, municipalities, gas companies, utility construction/telecom companies and a wide variety of other markets, Stellar has many different models of trailers available to meet every demand. Plus, they’re all built with Stellar’s commitment to premium quality and long-term reliability. Whether you need a utility construction trailer for occasional use or a heavy-duty trailer to use every day, Stellar has you covered.

Strong. Simple. Safe.

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Stellar Trailers, formerly known as American Eagle Trailers and Roose Trailers, are designed and built to excel in the most challenging industrial conditions and are well known for their strength, simplicity and safety. They feature easy loading and unloading, helping to keep productivity moving. Not only does Stellar build utility trailers and telecom trailers of all shapes and sizes, but they also boast some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

How to Choose the Right Utility Trailer

Consider these key factors when selecting a utility reel trailer for your application:

  • Weight capacity. Knowing the weight of what you’ll be hauling can determine the size and construction of the trailer you need. Also consider things like diameter, length and quantity. Depending on the type of trailer you’re getting, these specifications can make a big difference in the trailer you choose, whether it’s a cable trailer, reel trailer or pipe trailer.
  • Intended work cycle and environment. Whether you’ll be using the trailer daily or for occasional jobs throughout the year can determine the durability needed.
  • Working environment. Will you be loading and unloading by yourself or with other equipment? Will the trailer be sitting on one jobsite or will it be moving from one site to another?

No matter which factors influence your application, it’s a good idea to consider these key areas. Of course, if you need help finding the trailer that’s best for you, contact us any time.

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