Combo Pole & Material Trailers

Lengths Up to 31′, Plus Cargo Space

Get utility poles to the installation site smoothly and efficiently with Stellar® ICP Combo Pole & Material Trailers. Three models are available for poles up to 31′, and different axle combinations make it easy for you to meet the payload needs of your poles and cargo.

Every ICP Utility Pole Trailer is built to handle the constant challenges of pole hauling. They’re constructed with heavy-duty materials and precision accuracy for reliable, long-term performance in the most difficult working conditions. Features like solid metal floors, tubular supports, rugged channel mainframes and more ensure strength and durability.

Choose models ICP 14K, ICP 16K or ICP 20K based on your needs.

Length: Retracted: 21'
Extended: 31'
Width: 96"
Axles: ICP 14K: 2 axles, 7,000 lbs
ICP 16K: 2 axles, 8,000 lbs
ICP 20K: 2 axles, 10,000 lbs
Payload Capacity: ICP 14K: 11,020 lbs
ICP 16K: 12,780 lbs
ICP 20K: 15,780 lbs
Tire Size (Load Range): ICP 14K: ST235/80R16 (E)
ICP 16K: 215/75R17.5 (H)
ICP 20K: 215/75R17.5 (H)
GVWR: ICP 14K: 15,400 lbs
ICP 16K: 17,600 lbs
ICP 20K: 21,100 lbs
Weight: ICP 14K: 4,380 lbs
ICP 16K: 4,820 lbs
ICP 20K: 5,320 lbs
Standard Jack: 12,000 lbs
Channel Frame: 7"
Bolsters: 3
Telescoping Tongue: Yes
Tubular Tongue: 6" x 6" x 3/8"
Cargo Box: ICP 14K: 64" W x 120" L x 15" H
ICP 16K: 64" W x 120" L x 15" H
ICP 20K: 60" W x 120" L x 15" H
Box Construction: 1/8" deck plate floor
12-gauge sides
7" tubular supports in wall

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