Stellar Unveils Latest Enhancements to TMAX™ Mechanic Trucks and Accessories at NTEA Work Truck Week 2024 


Garner, Iowa — Stellar Industries, a 100% employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, is set to showcase its latest innovations at the highly anticipated NTEA Work Truck Week from March 6 to March 8, 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Exhibiting at booth #2629, Stellar will unveil significant enhancements to its renowned TMAX Mechanic and Service Truck line, including new bale-style pull handles, along with a range of other equipment designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Stellar will debut its new bale-style pull-handles on its toolbox systems and several other key enhancements to the popular TMAX Mechanic Truck line. Additionally, Stellar will showcase a range of other popular products, including the NXT18 Hooklift, single-stage and two-stage reciprocating air compressors, Hybrid Power Source (HPS) and 880 Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer. Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with 3-D configurators at the Stellar booth to better visualize how Stellar equipment can meet their specific needs with ease. 

Bale-Style Pull-Handle Toolbox Systems
Designed with user convenience and versatility in mind, the bale-style pull-handle toolbox system features a unique dual-action handle design that allows users to activate the latches by grabbing the handle from either above or below. This easy-to-use design offers a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience. Stellar is proud to be the first to introduce this handle style to the market, setting a new standard for toolbox system design and flexibility in the industry. 

Additional Enhancements to the TMAX Lineup
Aimed at enhancing functionality and the user experience, updates to the Stellar TMAX lineup include new boom-tip lights on cranes, which offer a smaller profile to fit into tighter spaces and feature six LED lights for optimal brightness. Additionally, the TMAX’s new tailgate offers a cleaner aesthetic, while cabinet door enhancements, featuring stronger hinges and thicker plates, enable the doors to perform better in windy conditions, maintain rigidity as needed and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the addition of drawer sets in the rear workbench of the TMAX, providing additional storage space while still allowing for storage below, making it an ideal option for items such as chains, shovels and sledgehammers that are not sensitive to getting bounced around. The relocation of the backup camera lets operators have a clearer view of the hitch, facilitating smoother operations, and allowing for a cleaner wiring path. 

“Our continuous dedication to listening to our customers and refining our product lines is evident in the enhancements we’ve made to the TMAX series and the other equipment we’re showcasing at Work Truck Week,” said Tim Worman, Director of Project Management at Stellar. “At Stellar, we are always listening, always adapting and continuously striving to improve even the finest details to make our customers’ jobs better.”

TMAX 2-14 Mechanic Truck with New 12630 Service Crane
The TMAX 2-14 Mechanic Truck is a heavy-duty powerhouse built for demanding tasks. Crafted with premium materials, it’s renowned for its durability and reliability. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the new 12630 Hydraulic Service Crane, boasting a 12,000-lb capacity and 30′ reach, the TMAX 2-14 ensures confident heavy lifting. Backed by Stellar’s precision construction and CDTpro™ Control System, it delivers incredible performance for any job.

TMAX 1-11 Mechanic Truck with 7630 Service Crane
Engineered with precision and cutting-edge materials, the TMAX 1-11 Aluminum Mechanic Truck outperforms counterparts with increased payload capacity and superior fuel efficiency. Aluminum construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance. Designed to seamlessly accommodate Stellar® Hydraulic Service Cranes, such as the 7630 with 7,500-lb capacity and 30′ reach, it offers unmatched control with the CDTpro™ Control System featuring Range Finder™ technology.

NXT18 Hooklift
The NXT18 Hooklift, featuring innovative design and boasting a remarkable 7.5″ lost load height, offers the ultimate in efficiency. With a robust 18,000-lb capacity, it effortlessly accommodates bodies ranging from 8′ to 14′ on 84″ to 120″ CA chassis. Enhancing versatility, its bolt-on body lock system allows for universal adjustment, catering to both inside and outside locks.

Air Compressor Lineup
Stellar’s single-stage and two-stage reciprocating air compressors empower professionals to tackle diverse tasks with ease. Whether it’s powering pneumatic tools, inflating tires or running machinery, Stellar’s air compressors deliver the necessary strength and reliability to get the job done swiftly, effectively and efficiently.

Hybrid Power Source
With an automotive-grade lithium-ion battery, Stellar’s Hybrid Power Source (HPS) delivers emission-free, low-voltage power and energy storage for hydraulic operations. The integrated dual hydraulic power unit ensures hours of quiet operation on a single charge without any loss of performance. Compliant with anti-idle regulations, it allows users to reduce their carbon footprint by operating hydraulic equipment independently of the chassis engine. 

880 Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer
Stellar 880 FuelMate® Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers allow users to transition from dedicated fuel trucks to a cost-efficient and productivity-boosting solution. With its unique design, hazmat license requirements are eliminated, enabling any operator to conveniently deliver fuel to equipment, saving money and time. In addition, compressor and toolbox integration is possible.

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