Hybrid Power Source

As a first in the service truck industry, the revolutionary Stellar® Hybrid Power Source (HPS) takes power to the next level.

With an automotive-grade lithium-ion battery, Stellar’s Hybrid Power Source provides a 100% emission-free, low-voltage power and energy storage system to supply electricity and operate your hydraulic needs. The integrated, dual hydraulic power unit can supply hours of quiet operation on a single charge. In addition, there is no loss of performance when you are operating hydraulic equipment, such as a crane, with the HPS.

The hybrid power system is anti-idle compliant and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by operating hydraulic equipment without the use of the chassis engine. When the batteries need charging while on a jobsite, the system is equipped with a 48V alternator on the chassis to provide a rapid recharge on the go.

Customer Story: See how Wheeler Machinery Co. powers productivity with HPS.


Additional Information

The Lithium-Ion Advantage
Using the reliability of lithium-ion technology, Stellar’s Hybrid Power Source offers robust power for hydraulic equipment operation, up to eight hours of runtime and more than 10 years of life. With 13.5 kWh of output, you will have plenty of available power to meet your equipment needs. These systems deliver matchless dependability with the most power in the least amount of space. It’s not a battery — it’s a power system.

Always Ready to Perform
Stellar’s hybrid power system is always ready with multiple options to keep the unit charged. It comes equipped with an integrated 48V chassis alternator, allowing the system to be charged from the chassis onsite or while driving to the next jobsite. Shore power charging is also an option with a standard 120V, 15-amp connection to enable the unit to slow charge while parked for the night or when chassis engine charging is unavailable.

Zero Emissions
When using the HPS, the system allows for 100 percent emission-free operation, reduced fuel consumption, decreased engine maintenance costs, quiet operation and compliance with idle mitigation requirements because the chassis engine is no longer needed during equipment operation.

Low Voltage
The utilization of a 48V system enables the entire HPS unit to qualify as low-voltage, removing the need for compliance with high-voltage placarding.

Quiet Operation
Because it’s electric, Stellar’s hybrid power system is far quieter than diesel and gas engines. This is a direct safety-related benefit because, as a service technician, you may spend your entire career working next to the loud roar of a diesel engine, which can ultimately result in hearing loss.

Reducing noise pollution also helps you be more aware of your surroundings on a jobsite. Working with heavy machinery, you always have to keep a watchful eye out just to see if things are going smoothly and safely. The absence of noise provided by hybrid systems gives another level of reassurance because it allows you to hear any problems or disturbances instead of just an engine rumbling in the background.

Equipped for Any Climate
The hybrid renewable energy power source is prepared for multiple climates with internal thermal protection to insulate the energy packs’ core temperature in extreme heat or cold. The HPS also comes equipped with a heating system that will automatically activate to keep the unit’s core temperature above the minimum for charging.

What’s more, the HPS is a great power generating solution for many operations in remote locations.

An Easy Addition
Simplicity in upfitting a service truck is made easy when it comes to the fully self-contained HPS unit. Weighing only 790 pounds and measuring 47″ long x 21″ wide x 28″ high, the system can be side-pack-mounted or mounted in the load bed, lengthwise, making it the perfect addition to any service truck package.

Features & Benefits:

  • 10-year-plus battery life expectancy
  • Internal thermal system protection
  • Low battery visual indication
  • Chassis idle mitigation
  • 100% emission-free when operating equipment
  • Dual hydraulic power units for high and low speed operation of hydraulic functions
  • Quiet operation in urban work environments
  • Fully self-contained unit
  • Load-bed-mounted or side-pack-mounted
  • Integrated cold weather package
  • Integrated AC power output
  • Eliminates need for transmission-mounted PTO and hydraulic pump


  • Battery Pack: Li-NMC 48V DC
  • Output Capacity: 13.5kWh
  • Hydraulic Output: 12 gpm – Up to 3,000 psi
  • Hydraulic Reservoir: Integrated 10 gallon
  • Recharging: 110V shore power 48V chassis alternator
  • AC Power Output: 120V 3600W pure sine power
  • Recharge Time: Shore power: 9 hours; chassis: 3 hours
  • Run Time: 8 active hours (based on 1,330W hours of demand)
  • Cold Weather: Integrated 100W heater pad
  • Dimensions: 47″L x 21″W x 28″H
  • Weight: 790 lbs (dry weight)

Available with 30P-E

Manufactured for Reliability and Longevity
The 30P-E is an electric drive compressor that provides a quick 30 CFM @ 100 PSI. This compressor is an answer to your needs for a system that fits well with electric hybrid power sources. Built around a heavy ductile iron-balanced crankshaft with heavy-duty journal bushings and micro-honed connecting rods, it provides smooth operation and long life.

  • Output Capacity: 30 cfm @ 100 psi
  • Electric Motor: 5Kw, 48v, 120A
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder, Single-Stage
  • Max Pressure: 150 psi
  • Weight: 225 lbs (dry weight)
  • Dimensions: 26.69″L x 19.75″W x 17.5″H

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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