Large OTR Tire Trucks

Efficient. Effective. Tough. When you need equipment that can absolutely handle it all, count on the colossal power of Stellar’s Large OTR Tire Service Trucks. Stellar is devoted to the tire industry and designs and builds all of our tire service products from the ground up right here in the U.S.

Handle Heavyweight Tires with a Heavy-Duty Truck and Manipulator

Without a doubt, OTR tires are getting big. And by big, we mean BIG. Some tires stand as tall as 13′ high and weigh in at more than 5 metric tons. To say these tires are big is an understatement.

Needless to say, handling, repairing and replacing these giant tires is no easy feat. But Stellar’s large-bodied, rock-solid OTR Tire Service Trucks are built exceptionally tough to efficiently handle the biggest tires out there, with carrier and tire manipulator capacities ranging from 4,600 lbs to an incredible 16,500 lbs.

Productive & Efficient

Operating a Stellar® OTR Tire Truck allows for a specialized mobile tire shop that can go practically anywhere to replace or repair a flat or damaged tire. You no longer need to enlist the help of a forklift or front-end loader to operate a tire manipulator, nor do you need an additional truck to carry a new tire, air compressor, tools and other necessary equipment. Having a Stellar OTR Tire Truck, fully outfitted with a tire manipulator, offers substantial time savings by providing the ability for just one technician to service the tire right at the site.

The benefits don’t stop there. Other advantages gained from having Stellar’s Large OTR Tire Trucks include having an air compressor right on board, ample tool storage and the ability to transport tires all in one service truck. These benefits help to speed up response times, remove the need for extra equipment and manpower, and get equipment back up and running in significantly less time.

Exclusive Carrier Features

Stellar carriers have several rugged and robust exclusive features.

  • Hexagonal boom design increases the strength of the boom while reducing the amount of flex it can sustain when under a heavy load.
  • All Stellar carriers include a rotation system driven by a worm gear with pinion system to ensure outstanding performance.
  • The availability of both radio remote control and manual controls as standard equipment gives the operator the flexibility to choose how to operate the carrier as well as the ability to stay out of harm’s way by providing improved visibility of the work area.
  • Stellar’s exclusive, modified A-frame stabilizer design is an industry first. The strength and durability of Stellar’s A-frame stabilizers — combined with the diversity of out-and-down style outriggers with a wide stance to adapt to the location and environmental factors — provide maximum stability whether mounted on a single or tandem axle chassis. By modifying the A-frame geometry and using dual cylinders, Stellar’s design allows A-frame stability at differing widths and excellent serviceability of all cylinders and hoses.

Tire Manipulators

Get a firm and secure grip on giant tires with Stellar’s Tire Manipulators, which offer a high degree of articulation and rotation.

  • The tire manipulators feature an exclusive parallelogram design that has similar technology as that found on a loader or forklift-mounted manipulator. The design provides consistent clamping pressure and allows for substantial clamping widths without adding any pad extensions. (Note: This feature applies to all large OTR tire trucks except for the TM4110/9000.)
  • Most tire manipulator models are equipped with exclusive continuous rotating pads that offer greater flexibility when manipulating a tire into position. 90-degree rotating pads are also available in most models.
  • Large selection of opening and closing clamping distances for tire manipulators to fit your needs.

Air Compressors

Stellar’s Large OTR Service Trucks come complete with an air compressor system.

  • The air compressor is mounted on the topside of the body to allow for the cleanest, coolest air to reach, providing better efficiency and reduced maintenance.

The Strength of Steel

Stellar Large OTR Tire Trucks would not be complete without the heavy-duty steel body, which is built tough to take the abuse of large OTR tires.

  • Heavy-duty rub rails, large D-rings and a frame-mounted rear bumper.
  • Slide-up-and-in doors with stainless-steel hardware.
  • Skirt-mounted LED floodlights for nighttime service calls.
  • The entire body has an undercoating to reduce rust.


Stellar offers a complete lineup of large OTR tire service trucks to meet your toughest demands.

TM4110/9000 Large OTR Tire Service Truck, back-left view


Lifting capacities up to 4,600 lbs @ 16'

Black TM6116/13500 Large OTR Tire Service Truck with service crane extended


Lifting capacities up to 6,000 lbs @ 17' 6"

TM7120/17000 Large OTR Tire Service Truck, back-right view


Lifting capacities up to 7,200 lbs @ 20'

TM12154/23000 Large OTR Tire Service Truck, left-side view with service crane extended to the left


Lifting capacities up to 12,000 lbs @ 17'

TM16160/28000 Large OTR Tire Service Truck, left-rear view with service crane arm extended out to the left


Lifting capacities up to 16,500 lbs @ 15'

TM20165 Large OTR Tire Service Truck, back-left view with service crane extended out to the left


Lifting capacities up to 20,000 lbs @ 21'

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