Self-Loading Multi-Reel Cable Trailers

For quick and efficient loading, hauling and handling of multiple reels, invest in a Stellar® Self-Loading Multi Reel Cable Trailer.

Drive Productivity Levels Higher

Cable reel trailers are important in the power and telecom industries, and virtually every cable installation operation can benefit from having a cable reel trailer on hand. After all, during such operations, miles and miles of cable must be used. A trailer can significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your cable removal and cable laying process and can also help make the work process safer in general. In addition, a cable reel trailer provides a practical way to keep cables neatly contained and organized on the jobsite, so they don’t get tangled or damaged.

There are two main types of reel trailers: single-reel trailers and multi-reel trailers.

Single-reel cable trailers feature one reel and a low center of gravity and are ideal for more basic operations. Multi-reel cable trailers are heavier duty and include an assortment of hardworking features — such as electric brakes, a breakaway kit, LED lighting, locking collars, grounding lugs and drop-leg rear-stabilizer jacks — that make them better suited for more complex operations. Due to their broader range of capabilities, multi-reel cable trailers are ideal for operations in which there are multiple lines of cable to be pulled or laid. Of course, both single-reel trailers and multi-reel trailers are engineered for safety.

Cable Reel Trailers

Stellar Self-Loading Multi-Reel Cable Trailers go above and beyond your average trailers. They are built with powerful, safety-minded features that come standard and are perfect for transporting conduit, capillary tubing, inner duct, and many other types of reel-mounted material. The reel trailers are also used for deploying and retrieving the materials.

What’s more, with a Stellar Self-Loading Multi-Reel Cable Trailer, you won’t need a forklift or crane to load and unload a reel. The reel bar on the trailer hydraulically lowers to pick up a reel and then raises it to a locked position to be transported.

Self-Loading Multi-Reel Cable Trailers

For quick and efficient loading, hauling and handling of multiple reels, invest in a Stellar® Self-Loading Multi Reel Cable Trailer.


Can carry two 5,000-lb, 125"-diameter reels

RR-335 Three-Reel Self-Loading Cable Trailer


Can carry three 3,500-lb, 125"-diameter reels

Superior Features

With 360-degree hydraulic rotation, a self-loading feature, electric brakes and more, these multi-reel cable trailers are an excellent fit for any utility construction fleet. And, as with all Stellar products, these cable reel trailers are manufactured for optimum operator safety, efficiency and durability.

Stellar’s rugged and dependable standard equipment includes:

  • Two manual hydraulic pumps or hydraulic power unit.
  • Bolted-on drop-leg jack
  • All-wheel electric brakes
  • Breakaway kit
  • DOT-approved LED lighting
  • Painted with an attractive, high-gloss powder coat paint designed for durability
    • Color choices include yellow, black, white and orange
    • Other color options are available — call for pricing
  • Safety chains
  • Two pumps for uneven terrain reel adjustment
  • Hydraulic lift cylinders with counterbalance valves
  • One-person operation
  • Various cable spool sizes
  • Choice of hitches and electrical connectors
  • Ability to carry two or three reels for versatility

In addition, Stellar Self-Loading Multi-Reel Cable Trailers offer different load capacities to meet your needs. The RR-250 model handles 5,000 lbs per reel for a total up to 10,000 pounds, and the RR-335 model handles up to 3,500 lbs per reel for a total up to 10,500 lbs.

Stellar has many different models of utility reel trailers available to meet every demand — and they’re all built with Stellar’s commitment to premium quality and long-term reliability. Whether you need a smaller trailer for occasional use or a heavy-duty trailer to use every day, Stellar has what you need.

Strong. Simple. Safe.

Stellar Cable Reel Trailers, formerly known as American Eagle trailers and Roose trailers, are designed and built to excel in the most challenging industrial conditions and are well known for their strength, simplicity and safety. They feature easy loading and unloading, helping to keep productivity moving. And not only does Stellar build cable reel trailers of all shapes and sizes in order to accommodate different sizes and lengths of cable, but we also offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. When you select a cable reel trailer for your fleet, be sure to consider the trailer’s capacity, safety features and additional accessories that are available.

Stellar multi-reel cable trailers are available in several models with the very popular self-loading feature, as well as the more economical drop-on style.

How to Choose the Right Utility Trailer

Consider these key factors when selecting a trailer for your application.

  • Weight capacity. Knowing the weight of what you’ll be hauling can determine the size and construction of the trailer you need. Also consider things like diameter, length and quantity. Depending on the type of trailer you’re getting, these specifications can make a big difference in the trailer you choose, whether it’s a cable trailer, reel trailer or pipe trailer.
  • Intended work cycle and environment. Whether you’ll be using the trailer daily or for occasional jobs throughout the year can determine the durability needed.
  • Working environment. Will you be loading and unloading by yourself or with other equipment? Will the trailer be sitting on one jobsite or will it be moving from one site to another?

No matter which factors influence your application, it’s a good idea to consider these key areas. Of course, if you need help finding the trailer that’s best for you, contact us any time.

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