Loader- and Forklift-Mounted Tire Manipulators

The Stellar® Tire Manipulator is the next evolution in large construction and mining tire service. By utilizing a forklift or loader as a tire handler, this tire manipulator brings increased efficiency and equipment value to the market.

Keep Production Rolling

Need to change a 28,000-lb (12,700-kg) tire? Consider it handled. Stellar has the tire manipulator for your largest tire handling needs, helping mines and construction sites maximize uptime and safety.

Without a doubt, the timely handling of tires in need of repair or replacement is crucial to the productivity of mining operations and construction sites all around the globe. Equipment uptime, production capacity and profitability cannot be optimized without swift and efficient handling of the large construction and mine equipment tires that keep these industries moving. Plus, a rapid tire change means you can avoid unnecessary wear on the massive tires, while helping to reduce heavy physical work and the associated risk of accidents and injuries.

Whether forklift or loader mounted, Stellar’s Tire Manipulator allows you to proficiently and safely remove, carry, replace and stack tires in rugged construction and mining environments. This robust and precise tire manipulator can help reduce the costly downtime of haul trucks, wheel loaders, wheel dozers and other construction and mining machines.

Get a Grip

Capable of handling tire and rim combinations weighing up to 28,000 lbs (12,700 kg), the Stellar Tire Manipulator is available in either a long- or short-arm version, each providing a firm and secure grip on the tire. The long-arm unit has a clamping span of 38″ to 171″ (95 cm to 434 cm), while the short-arm clamping span can accommodate tires from 40″ to 162″ (102 cm to 411 cm).

Additional Features

There are many more tough, hard-working tire manipulator attachments and features to the Stellar Tire Manipulator that provide increased productivity:

  • The optional side shift feature allows for 8″ of right and left movement, letting you easily make small adjustments for better control over the tire and to help align the tire to the hub.
  • With precise 110-degree body rotation and 360-degree continuous rotating pads, the Stellar Tire Manipulator gives you full control, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Stellar’s Tire Manipulator also provides added versatility through its ability to attach and detach to equipment. By adding the tire manipulator to existing equipment, you can increase equipment value by eliminating the need to buy dedicated equipment.
  • Features like the accessory mounting rail and fallback protection with integral lock ring catcher truly make your job easier and more productive.
  • The tire manipulator is available with a fully proportional radio remote control system.
  • Can be attached to a forklift or loader.

Stellar’s tire manipulator attachments and features make it strong, robust and easy to use. With our tire manipulator and tire manipulator attachments, Stellar has created the most productive loader- and forklift-mounted tire manipulator in the world.

Worldwide Distribution

Stellar Tire Manipulators are suitable for markets all around the globe. Stellar is proud to export tire manipulators worldwide, including Mexico, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and more.

Let’s Get Rolling

See how the TM28 Tire Manipulator can raise productivity for your business.

TM28 Tire Manipulator changing tire on dumptruck, close-up


Rated capacity of 28,000 lbs.

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