Gas & Stick Pipe Trailers

Designed for safe and efficient handling, Stellar® Gas & Stick Pipe Trailers are ideal for transporting all types of coil, plastic, steel and concrete pipe.

Stick Pipe Trailers

At Stellar, we never underestimate the challenge of transporting unusual shapes and sizes of product, such as oversized pipe, from one location to another. The more unique the size, shape or weight of the product, the more variables you need to consider in order to make a safe transport. When you’re frequently hauling unusual items such as pipe, it’s wise to invest in a specialized trailer designed to hold the pipe securely to the trailer.

Stellar Gas & Stick Pipe Trailers offer the ability to efficiently, safely and securely transport coil, plastic, steel and concrete pipes commonly used in pipeline and utility construction applications. These gas pipe trailers and stick pipe trailers offer adjustable lengths and exceptional load capacity. Their distinct, innovative design sets them apart from other types of trailers and ensures the safe transport of pipe.

Top-Quality Features
Available in rear telescoping and front-and-rear telescoping models, our telescoping gas pipe trailers and stick pipe trailers are manufactured with exceptional features for optimum operator safety, efficiency and durability.

  • 96″ overall width
  • All-wheel electric brakes
  • Breakaway with gel cell battery with charge unit
  • DOT-approved LED lighting
  • 7-way RV-style flat blade wire plug connector
  • 3″ eye 4-bolt adjustable coupler (4 positions on 1/2″ plate)
  • Two 3/8″ x 36″ safety chains
  • Drop-leg jack 12,000-lb side wind
  • 10 GA-formed fenders
  • 6″ channel crossmembers
  • Open floor pan
  • 30″ high, full-width removable bulkhead
  • Four 96″ pipe bolsters with 24″ drop-in end posts
  • Four fixed ratchets with 4″ x 27′ nylon straps
  • Breaker bar with holder
  • Two 5″ x 8″ rubber wheel chocks with holders
  • Two-part polyurethane primer and paint
  • Steel is prepped, primed, painted and baked

Stellar has different models of gas pipe carriers and stick pipe carriers available to meet every demand — and like all our products, they’re built with our commitment to premium quality and long-term reliability.

Strong. Simple. Safe.
Stellar Gas & Stick Pipe Trailers, formerly known as American Eagle trailers, are designed and built to excel in the most challenging industrial conditions and are well known for their strength, simplicity and safety. And not only does Stellar build trailers of all shapes and sizes to accommodate different sizes and lengths of cable, pipe and other materials, but they also offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. When you select a trailer for your fleet, be sure to consider the trailer’s capacity, safety features and additional accessories that are available.

Gas & Stick Pipe Trailers

Stellar offers the right gas pipe trailers and stick pipe trailers to meet your needs.

Stellar IGT – Telescoping for Gas & Stick Pipe Trailer in White

IGT – Telescoping for Gas & Stick Pipe

Available in rear telescoping and front-and-rear telescoping models.

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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