Service Van Upfit Equipment

Stellar has the products you need to transform your van into a fully stocked, fully functioning service vehicle. Our streamlined solutions make use of every inch and improve your operational efficiency.

Maximize Your Productivity

Effectively utilizing every possible bit of space is key to making your service van the most efficient, organized and powerful tool you own. Stellar specializes in making the most of these workshops on wheels by offering products for service van upfits. This makes for an easier, more effective and affordable way for you to service light-duty equipment.

Your One-Stop Upfit Shop

Stellar provides a wide range of superior-quality service van equipment options to get your van your way. Stellar’s upfit options can turn any transit van or sprinter van into a service van by adding an air supply, service system and storage for tools and parts. With tools, parts and equipment close by, you’ll maximize productivity. When it comes to Stellar’s service van upfit options, the only limit is your imagination.

Our popular, heavy-duty, fully customizable toolbox and workbench combo optimizes storage and provides a butcherblock workbench surface so you can easily work in the van. The toolbox and workbench combo is designed with a steel cabinet, aluminum T-handle drawers and a butcherblock top that is durable enough for you to perform work on the bench without damaging the drawer set. At 56″ wide and 20″ deep, you’ll have ample room to complete simple tasks from the comfort and convenience of your van. Add bolt bins to store nuts, bolts, fittings and more, and absolutely no space will go to waste.

Throw in a configurable, custom lube skid featuring air-piston pumps and turn your service van into a fully functioning service vehicle. The aluminum lube skid addition is complete with three 30-gallon fresh oil tanks with 50″ reels, a 60-gallon salvage oil tank and accompanying 25′ air reel, a 50′ air reel and a filter drain drawer.

The Upside of Upfits

There are many technicians, contractors, business owners and fleet managers who upfit their service vans. But what are the benefits of upfitting a vehicle with service van equipment instead of just making do with the original vehicle body? Check it out:

  • Service van equipment allows your van to be fully stocked so you can accomplish a wider variety of specific tasks out in the field.
  • With an upfitted van, you can complete jobs at a faster, more efficient pace since you’re able to transport the tools you need to the jobsite as well as work right in your vehicle at your workbench. This also enhances your profitability since you have more time to tackle additional projects and make more money.
  • Service truck and van equipment that increases your efficiency will help to decrease your fatigue because you’ll be working smarter, not harder.
  • Custom upfits let you choose the exact product sizes and specs that align with your job.

Service Van Upfit Equipment

Getting the most from your service van is easy when you choose the right upfit equipment to help you become more organized and efficient.

Stellar toolbox and workbench in a service van

Toolbox & Workbench

Durable toolbox systems carry your tools, parts and equipment and enable you to perform work on the bench.

Stellar Lube Skid in a service van

Lube Skid Systems

Perform lube services in the field with Stellar’s lube skid lineup.

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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