Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adapter Kit

Increase productivity by converting your current winch-style cable hoist containers for use with hooklifts. You’ll be able to add highly productive hooklifts to your fleet without the cost of new containers, plus the containers will still work with your winch-style cable hoist trucks.


Key Features

Unlike a winch-style cable hoist that requires the operator to get out of the truck and perform a series of manual operations to pick up and secure a container, a hooklift is dramatically more efficient. The operator can simply deploy the hook, back up to the container, hook the container, and pull it onto the truck — all right from the cab.

The Stellar® Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adapter Kit lets you reap the benefits of hooklift productivity without investing in new containers. Simply weld the adapter to the front of a winch-style cable hoist container, positioning it for a 36″ lift bar location, to quickly convert it for compatibility with Stellar Shuttle16 (Flex) and NXT18 Hooklifts.

Easily Adapt Containers

  • The kit includes everything you need, including the adapter component and body lock receptacles.
  • The adapter comes as a complete component and is welded to the front of the winch-style cable hoist container.
  • The dual-purpose body locks center the container on the rollers as it is being pulled onto the unit and then secure the container to the hooklift.
  • A 6″ roller kit is available for Shuttle16 (Flex) Hooklifts. It is not needed for NXT18 Hooklifts.

Hooklift Adaptor that is welded onto the front of the container

Cost-Effectively Increase Productivity

  • Add the efficiency of hooklifts without the expense of new containers.
  • Operators may handle more loads per day.
  • Containers stay compatible with winch-style cable hoists, so you can continue to use your current trucks while expanding with hooklifts.

Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adaptor Kit Render

Note: The roller kit requires the existing hooklift body locks to be removed and reinstalled higher to allow the hooklift to handle standard containers and modified cable hoist containers.


Hook Height: Compatible with 36" hook height units
Container Longsill Range: Longsill inside widths with an inside dimension down to 35" and an outside width dimension up to 41.63"
Roller Kit: 6" for Shuttle16 (Flex) units pulling containers with 4" longsills to allow for clearance between the container and the hooklift secondary. Not needed for NXT18 Hooklifts.

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