Customer Video: The Wall Company Ensures Uptime With Stellar® Equipment


As Arizona’s premier concrete and excavation contractor, The Wall Company is counted on to handle every job on time. Whether it’s pouring foundations or retaining walls, demolition work, or pad and site preparation, The Wall Company’s equipment fleet must be ready to perform on schedule. That’s why they count on Stellar® TMAX™ Mechanic Trucks and Container Carriers.

“The Stellar products keep us running at all times,” says Marco J. Navarro, Fleet Manager. “Everything on Stellar equipment functions smoothly. They really help maximize our uptime. They’re outfitted just how we want them and our mechanics like working with them.”

In this video, Navarro discusses why the quality of Stellar products made them the right choice for The Wall Company.

Keeping Projects On Schedule With Stellar Quality

Navarro estimates that The Wall Company handles almost 60% of every new home foundation being built in the state of Arizona. That’s a lot of manpower committed to each job, so downtime can be costly. “With the mechanic truck beds from Stellar, our team has everything they need right on site — tools, air compressor, service cranes for bigger jobs. The reliability of the Stellar equipment helps us ensure the reliability of our project equipment so we can get the job done right and on schedule.”

Just as important as the work truck bodies are the container carriers The Wall Company uses to remove debris on construction and demolition sites. “We use the Stellar container handlers in our fleet on a daily basis. We’re moving up to 40 six-yard container cans every day. The Stellar container carriers are great products that hold up well. We’re in rough terrains. The trucks get backed up into unconventional situations with cans placed on uneven surfaces, and the Stellar equipment always comes through.”

The Wall Company mechanic working on a jobsite next to a Stellar TMAX mechanic truck.

Quality Ensures Productivity

Navarro notes that Stellar’s commitment to quality is what makes the equipment so reliable. “The workmanship on Stellar equipment and truck bodies is far superior to what we’ve used in the past. I think Stellar is committed to helping businesses like ours. Their equipment has exceeded our expectations, and our distributor, Curry Supply, is always there anytime we need something. I highly recommend Stellar to anyone in the industry.”

The Wall Company mechanics using a Stellar TMAX mechanic truck and crane to remove an engine from a customer's truck.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Business

Whether you need a service truck, container carrier, hooklift, fuel & lube trailer, or simply want to expand the capabilities of your work truck, Stellar has the solution you need backed by the responsive service you want. Connect with our team or your distributor to find the right products to raise productivity for your business.