Bumper Pull Combine Header Transport Trailers

Get your combine head to the field quickly and efficiently at highway speeds thanks to the coil spring-and-shock front suspension and torsion rear axles on smooth-running Stellar® Bumper Pull Combine Header Trailers.

Transport Your Combine Head

Stellar Bumper Pull Combine Head Transport Trailers can travel up to highway speeds, so you can get to the field faster. Formerly known as Stud King® Combine Header Trailers from MD Products & Solutions, these smooth-running trailers are available in multiple lengths from 25′ to 48′ to meet your specific needs.

The bumper pull design makes your header trailer easy to hitch to your truck, tractor or combine for quick transport to different fields. The coil spring-and-shock front suspension and torsion rear axles deliver a smooth ride, and all Stellar Bumper Pull Combine Header Trailers are available with DOT compliance packages. Other safety features include ratcheting tiedowns, LED rear tail lights and side markers, reflective tape and more. Fast, reliable transport of today’s heaviest combine headers has never been easier.

Plus, all Stellar Bumper Pull Combine Header Transport Trailers are built with top-quality components, precision assembly and a high-gloss powder-coat paint for long-term reliability and heavy-duty use. For productive combine header transport that keeps you productive in the field, too, count on Stellar.

Combine Header Transport Trailers To Meet Your Needs

B25 Combine Head Trailer


25' single axle

B32 Combine Head Trailer


32' single or double axle

B38 Combine Head Trailer


38' single or double axle

B42 Combine Head Trailer


42' tandem axle

B48 Combine Head Trailer


48' tandem axle

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