TM7120/17000 Large OTR Tire Service Truck

Designed from the ground up to provide maximum lifting performance and solid stability, the Stellar® TM7120/17000 OTR Tire Service Truck has the largest OTR carrier in the industry allowed on a single-axle truck. It also offers over 18′ of stabilizer spread to keep your truck stable.

When mounted with the Stellar TM7120/17000 Tire Manipulator, the carrier can handle tires up to 125″ in diameter and up to 7,200 lbs. Without the tire manipulator, the carrier can lift 17,000 lbs at 10′ and 10,000 lbs at 17′ from the centerline of the carrier’s rotation.


Additional Information

The TM7120/17000 has fold-down style stabilizers with a wide stance to give excellent stability whether mounted on a single- or tandem-axle chassis. This stabilizer system also offers excellent service of all cylinders and hoses.

As with all Stellar OTR carriers, the TM7120/17000 incorporates a hexagonal boom design. This boom design is well known in the industry for its excellent strength and durability.

Service Body Features:

  • 20′ long tandem body
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Flat body has 8 D-ring tie downs
  • Slide-top doors on all tool compartments
  • Recessed, skirt-mounted LED floodlights
  • Rubber-mounted running lights
  • Entire body is undercoated

Carrier Features:

  • Rotation is accomplished through a turntable bearing
  • Standard fully proportional radio remote control and manual controls on TM7120/17000 with the ability to do multiple functions at once
  • Fully enclosed extension boom cylinder
  • Hexagon-shaped secondary and extension boom
  • Integral-mounted pump and PTO on chassis
  • Load-holding counterbalance valves


TM7120/17000 Tire Manipulator and Carrier
Capacity: 7,200 lbs @ 20 ft (3,265 kg @ 6.10 m)
Clamping span:
• Fixed pads
• 90º rotating pads
• Continuous rotating pads

28" to 125" (71 cm to 318 cm)
28" to 125" (71 cm to 318 cm)
26" to 123" (65 cm to 311 cm)
Clamp cylinders: 3.5" (8.9 cm) bore with integral pilot operated
Tilt cylinder: Provided by carrier extension boom
Body rotation: 300° power
Rotation system: Hourglass worm gear
Clamping pad rotation: Continuous 360° power
Tilt: +79° to –43°
Hydraulic controls: Incorporated with the carrier controls
Shipping weight of tire manipulator only: 2,600 lbs (1,179 kg) w/ fixed pads
3,150 lbs (1,429 kg) w/ 90º rotating pads
3,300 lbs (1,497 kg) w/ cont. rotating pad
Rating: 170,000 ft-lbs (23.5 t-m)
Standard boom length: 13' 6" (4.11 m)
Boom extension: Hydraulic 41" (104.14 cm)
Max. horizontal reach: 16' 11" (5.15 m)
Max. vertical lift: 25' 8" (7.82 m)
Rotation: 315° power (worm gear w/ pinion)
Lifting capacities: 17,000 lbs. @ 10' (7,710 kg @ 3.05 m)
10,050 lbs. @ 16' 11" (4,555 kg @ 5.15 m)
Power supply required: 20 gpm @ 4,400 psi (PTO & pump)
(60 lpm @ 290 bar)
Controls: Proportional paddle controls
Stowed height: 102" (259.08 cm)
Mounting space required: 60" (152.4 cm)
Shipping weight: 9,500 lbs (4,310 kg)
110P direct-driven, mounted above deck for maintenance ease
4-cylinder, 2-stage capable of 110 cfm @ 175 psi

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