The Stellar® 13P Single-Stage Air Compressor is compact and lightweight but durably built to last and last — job after job, year after year.


Durability standard

  • Direct drive; no belts to break or adjust
  • Cast-iron crankcase and cylinder heads for durability
  • High-temperature, precision-ground 4-ring pistons for consistent performance
  • Stainless-steel reed valves for long life and heat resistance
  • Heavy-ductile iron-balanced crankshaft with heavy-duty journal bushings
  • Micro-honed connecting rods for smooth operation and long life
  • All single-stage hydraulic-driven units include a reciprocating pump

Ease of use

  • Canister-type air filters for high capacity and easy changing
  • High-capacity hydraulic oil cooler and fan for cooler operation
  • Flip-up lid for easy access
Output Capacity: 13 cfm @ 100 psi
Hydraulic Req: 7 gpm @ 1,800 psi
Cylinders: 2-cylinder, single-stage
Max Pressure: 150 psi
Weight: 135 lbs
Dimensions: 26"L x14.5"W x 17"H
Uses model 200 pump
Embedded air filter

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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