Customer Video: Fleck & Son Stays Productive With Stellar® Hooklifts


Hauling sand, gravel and more is a tough job, but Fleck & Son keeps its operation running smoothly with Stellar® equipment. “We use Stellar hooklifts and Stellar service bodies,” notes owner Jarod Fleck. “They fit really good for what we do and help us handle the different things we do throughout the year.”

As with any business in the construction industry, time is money. In this video, Fleck covers how Stellar equipment helps the company maximize uptime.

Stellar Equipment Saves Time

It takes rugged equipment to transport sand, gravel and more and Stellar Hooklifts come through for Fleck & Son. “I’d say Stellar’s quality is second to none,” says Fleck. “You can look at the pieces you get and the welds and you can tell that there’s a lot of pride that goes into putting together the product. I think it’s the best product out there — the quality of the fit, the performance in the field, it’s just perfect for what we do.”

Fleck also appreciates that the Stellar equipment the company uses is ready to roll every day. “The uptime with Stellar is great. We just never have problems. We don’t have a problem getting parts if we need them. They’re simple to work on. They run every day and perform well for us.”

Fleck had previously used cable-hoist units, but he sees more benefits with the hooklifts. “I like the hooklift because the driver doesn’t have to get out as much. It’s a lot safer. It’s a quicker operation. You don’t have to worry about a cable. You can do a lot more with a hook, placing the boxes, getting them where you want. I just think a hooklift is the superior option.”

Fleck & Son's Stellar hooklift hauling a container carrier.

Support After The Sale

Between Stellar and local distributor Hawkeye Truck Equipment, Fleck feels well taken care of. “Stellar is there to support us. If I ever need something or have a question, they’re really easy to talk to or I can call my local dealer. Simply put, we started with Stellar and have never looked back. I recommend Stellar to everybody who asks.”

To raise productivity for your business, talk with our team or your distributor about Stellar Hooklifts, Mechanic Trucks, Service Truck Accessories and more.