100+ Different Uses for a Hooklift


While a hooklift is a popular commercial vehicle around the world, the cable hoist has been the favorite in North America. Yet hooklifts are the closest thing to the famous American quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

That’s because no other vehicle offers the flexibility of a hooklift. To put the quote in Stellar terms, “With NXT Series, Shuttles, and Sliders, if you can dream it, you can do it.” Best of all, you can handle a wide range of jobs per day with just one truck and one operator, helping you cut operational and maintenance costs. Just change the body and move on to your next task, quickly and easily.

Stellar Hooklifts in Action

Here are more than 100 ways Stellar customers have used their hooklifts to get the job done:


  • Firewood collection and transportation
  • Generator/irrigation pump
  • Tree spade
  • Sprayer with extendable booms


  • Utility maintenance
  • Utility construction
  • Temporary power generation
  • Cable reel transport body
Hooklifts in Action - Utilities Photo


  • Dump body
  • Flatbed for hooklift/excavator
  • Mechanic’s field repair or welder body
  • Field lube body
  • Roofing waste and materials
  • Portable enclosed workshop
  • Concrete/masonry repair
  • Mobile concrete mixer body

Landscaping & Tree Care

  • Dump body
  • Equipment transportation
  • Staging loads to be delivered
  • Wood chip box
  • Lawn fertilizer tank and sprayer
  • Hydro seeding platform
The different examples of hooklift trucks in use


  • Antique automobile enclosure
  • Camping enclosure
  • Golf cart transportation
  • Ice fishing shelter transportation
  • Motorcycle transportation
  • Snowmobile transportation
  • Portable skating rink freezer

City/County/State Government

  • Auto/truck retrieval flatbed
  • Dump body
  • Water/brine tank
  • Flatbed for equipment transportation
  • Recycling material/waste collection
  • Recycle container
  • Park maintenance
  • Portable office, classroom, polls, etc.
  • Weed sprayer body
  • Paint striper
  • Mosquito sprayer body
  • Cone placement body
  • Drop box for street sweepers
  • Snow melting body
  • Catch basin cleaner
  • Water main relining body
  • Street flusher tanker body
  • Hopper salt spreader
  • Leaf vacuum body
  • Pothole patcher
  • Mobile testing laboratory
  • Confined space access body
  • Utility service body
  • Berming machine body
  • Pipe repair utility body
  • Asphalt distributor tanker
  • Sign/guardrail maintenance
  • 6 – 8 cu. yd. side-load packer
  • Underground video body
  • Hydraulic wrecker
  • Stake body
  • Rear-loader packer
  • Tub shredder body
  • Flatbed with aerial bucket
Three different hooklift trucks performing various duties


  • Bleachers
  • Dump box
  • Enclosed van for tables, chairs, etc.
  • Equipment delivery
  • Scissor lift transportation
  • Portable spa rental and delivery
  • Refuse box
  • Scaffolding
  • Signs
  • Storage units


  • Banking
  • Classrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Medical clinic/X-ray/pharmacy
  • Mobile office
  • Refreshment center
  • Restaurant
  • Storage shed
  • Ticket office
Blue, white and red hooklift trucks

Waste & Recycling

  • Curbside recycling body
  • Dumpster transporter
  • Home remodeling waste collection
  • Landfill water tanker body
  • Open-top container retrieval/delivery
  • Portable toilets
  • Recycling containers retrieval/delivery
  • Rendering services
  • Vacuum sewer cleaner
  • Stationary compactor container
  • Chipper body
  • Scrap steel container
  • Septic tank vacuum body
  • Wastewater sludge body
  • Wastewater skimmings container
  • Refuse container
  • Compost transport
  • Sewer jetter

Retail Businesses

  • ATM for special events
  • Automotive mobile service
  • Automotive retrieval
  • Auxiliary lighting for special events
  • Building material delivery
  • Concession stand (carnivals/fairs)
  • Lawn and garden equipment sales
  • Mobile, special event shop/store
  • Portable showers
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Satellite dish receiver
  • Tire service and sales
  • Vending machine delivery/service
  • ISO/Spider handling system

Fire Department & Emergency Services

  • Emergency electric generator
  • Emergency electric transformer
  • Disaster command center
  • Hazmat body
  • Brush fire fighting
  • Water tankers
  • Decontamination body
  • Lighting body
  • Water pipe body
  • Wood form body
  • Flatbed for hauling ATVs
  • Van body for equipment storage
  • Stake rack modules

North America’s Hooklift Leader

Stellar was established in 1990 as the first U.S. corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist and remains the No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of hooklifts in North America. Our commitment to producing top-quality hooklifts continues with our recent release of the innovative NXT Series.

NXT Series Hooklifts take productivity to the next level with a strong-yet-streamlined design featuring a Z-rail base. The powerful, 18,000-pound capacity of the NXT18 easily handles bodies from 8 to 14 feet for 84- to 120-inch chassis. The combination of the best-in-class 7.5-inch lost load height and Stellar’s double-pivot-style design gives you the flexibility to handle varying container heights from chassis that have a higher ground-to-chassis frame height.

To put your imagination to work with the many Stellar Hooklift possibilities, reach out to your regional sales manager listed on our territory map or contact us today.