Hooklift, Roll-off & Container Trucks

Do more with one truck. Stellar® Hooklift Trucks, Roll-Off and Container Carriers are true versatile performers built for everyday duty. They can pick up, haul and place a wide range of container types and sizes, so you can get job after job after job done.

Roll-Off Trucks And More

Productivity is at the heart of every Stellar Hooklift, Roll-Off and Container Carrier Truck. Whether you’re hauling dumpsters, delivering rental equipment, transporting construction supplies or any of dozens of other jobs that involve pick up, hauling and placement, you’ll find a container carrier choice that’s just right.

A hooklift truck is the ultimate in productivity and versatility, and Stellar’s NXT Series, Shuttles and Sliders lead the way. With just one hooklift truck and one operator, you can handle a wide range of jobs per day. Just change the body and move on to your next task, quickly and easily.

Dumpster hauler trucks, sometimes called dumpster delivery trucks, quickly and efficiently place, haul and pick up a wide range of waste, recycling and scrap dumpsters. Stellar’s CC, CCR and ECCR Container Carriers are compatible with both front- and rear-load containers in sizes ranging from two to ten yards and loads up to 8,000 lbs.

Customer Story: Check out two businesses that have been using their Stellar Hooklift for more than 30 years.
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Efficient & Reliable

Stellar’s container carrier lineup is built to handle rugged work schedules, maximizing uptime to help your business get more done in less time. Every Stellar Hooklift Truck and Dumpster Hauler is designed with balance for a smooth rise and engineered for efficient loading and unloading. Manufactured to exacting standards by a dedicated team using top-quality materials, they give you the dependable performance you need day in and day out.

Best of all, they’re backed by Stellar, one of the world’s leading names in container carrier trucks. Stellar was established in 1990 as the first U.S. corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist and remains the premier manufacturer and supplier of hooklifts in North America. That same commitment to quality can be found in every roll-off truck and dumpster hauler as well.

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