Mechanic & Service Trucks

With some of the most innovative features in the industry, Stellar’s top-of-the-line lineup of mechanic trucks, propane service trucks and welder trucks is built to handle the toughest conditions and offer years of worry-free performance.

Built Tough and Ready to Work Hard

These days, uptime is everything. Unplanned downtime on a jobsite can be a nightmare when a vital piece of equipment breaks down. Work comes to a halt, schedules get delayed and project costs can skyrocket. Keeping machinery in proper working order is crucial.

Robust, reliable and well-equipped to handle virtually any situation, Stellar Mechanic Trucks, Propane Service Trucks and Welder Trucks take repairs on the road and right to the jobsite. What’s more, Stellar’s propane service trucks make hauling and delivering gas cylinders a straightforward, single-person operation.

By boosting productivity and efficiency to get operations up and running again as fast as possible, the value that these service trucks bring to a worksite is undeniable. Long story short — these trucks maximize uptime.

Mechanic Trucks

Constructed of the toughest materials and engineered to last and last, Stellar’s exceptional-quality mechanic trucks help you raise productivity and get the job done. From streamlined truck bodies that increase payload to durable construction that withstands the most demanding working conditions, all Stellar Mechanic Trucks improve efficiency, enhance organization and add convenience to your workday, no matter the task at hand.

The Stellar® TMAX™ lineup of mechanic trucks has a long-standing reputation for quality, and both steel and lighter-weight aluminum models are available. Whether you choose steel or aluminum, every TMAX Mechanic Truck is built for years of hard work with corrosion protection, engineering that reduces vibration and keeps stress off compartment doors, and a two-part polyurethane enamel finish to protect against weather and debris.

From light duty jobs to heavy duty jobs and everything in between, an upfitted mechanic truck from Stellar can exceed your needs and surpass your expectations.

Propane Trucks

Stellar TMAX Propane and LP Gas Service Trucks are the epitome of versatility. They make transporting, loading and unloading gas cylinders a simple, single-person operation without the need for a trailer or additional setting equipment — making them an ideal addition to any propane business.

The propane gas service bodies are durably designed to haul a single 1,000-gallon or two 500-gallon propane tanks, plus everything necessary to install and service the tanks. These service trucks are also built to safely and securely carry small LP tanks with the use of E-track and a fold-down side rack (optional on all models). And all cranes are operated with a fully proportional radio remote control that comes standard.

Welder Trucks

Stellar’s hardworking welder trucks provide a solid foundation for custom metal work. The TMAX 1-11 Welder Body is ideal for mining and construction jobsites and provides numerous features that power your productivity and keep you working. With a 30″ workbench bumper, a 2″ split V channel for clamping pipes and a slide-out tray for convenient welding, the TMAX 1-11 Welder Service Truck supports virtually any mobile welding operation and offers everything you need for an efficient jobsite.

Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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