Electric Service Truck Cranes

With true ball-bearing rotation gear, an electric planetary winch, low-profile design and more, Stellar® Electric Cranes are packed with features.

Electric Cranes

Lift loads with confidence. Stellar Electric Cranes bring together high strength and a low-profile design for the perfect combination of power and maneuverability. Lifting capacity on Stellar Electric Cranes ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs, ideal for the lifting needs of most job sites. With a horizontal reach up to 21′ and a vertical reach of more than 22′, you’ll be able to work around obstacles to place or remove materials and equipment.

Best of all, Stellar Electric Cranes don’t require an ounce of fuel, saving you money.

Cut Expenses, Not Corners

Electric Cranes save money and reduce noise because they can be operated without the engine on, lowering fuel costs and vehicle wear. Because you don’t have to maintain separate hydraulic components, you save on labor time and parts. You can also lower chassis costs because Stellar Electric Cranes let you use a gas or diesel chassis without the need to add a power take-off (PTO) and pump to the chassis or a transmission that can handle the PTO and pump. Make it an electric crane truck.

All Electric Cranes are built with Stellar’s commitment to quality components and precision assembly for years of efficient performance. Municipalities, water works, construction companies, public utilities and many others choose Electric Crane Trucks for light-duty jobs where the service crane isn’t used day in and day out. For more heavy-duty applications with constant use, choose a Stellar Hydraulic Service Crane.

Stellar Electric Crane includes:

  • Ball Bearing Rotation Gear for solid support and smooth operation (EC2000 has an option for powered or manual rotation)
  • Steel Worm Gear for reliable speed control when rotating the shaft
  • Electric Planetary Winch that lifts the maximum crane load and offers the smoothest and fastest speeds in the market today for maximum productivity
  • Low-Profile Design for superior clearance
  • Exclusive Double-Boom Design for rigidity, strength and accuracy*
  • Integral Rotation Stop with 410° rotation for the greatest performance while protecting wires and hoses from damage**

*Not available on EC2000 and EC3200 AL
**EC2000 has 340° rotation

Find The Perfect Choice

There’s a Stellar Electric Service Crane just right for your needs.

Stellar EC2000 crane on a mechanic truck


Max Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Horizontal Reach: 7 ft

A white TMAX 16K faced to the left

EC3200 (Aluminum avail.)

Max Capacity: 3,200 lbs
Horizontal Reach: 15 ft

Steel Aluminum
Stellar EC4000 crane extended on a mechanic truck


Max Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Horizontal Reach: 16 ft or 20 ft

Stellar EC5000 crane extended on a mechanic truck


Max Capacity: 5,000 lbs
Horizontal Reach: 20 ft

Stellar EC6000 on a mechanic truck


Max Capacity: 6,000 lbs
Horizontal Reach: 21 ft


Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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