T-Boom Cranes

Stellar's T-Boom Cranes focus on reliability and usability while offering features not on other small service cranes. Check out our truck-mounted TC Series today!

Truck-Mounted TC Series Cranes

From mining applications to construction sites and farms, what seems like a large work area often has borders, activity and other equipment around it, leaving little room to get the job done. That’s when space-saving Stellar T-Boom Service Cranes are the perfect choice. Featuring a compact design that takes up minimal bed space, T-Boom Service Cranes utilize a tall, or “t-boom,” mast to deliver extensive hydraulic reach.

The large telescopic boom trucks allow you to work around obstacles, and the lifting capacity provides plenty of heft for dealing with jobsite loads and equipment repairs. For added safety and convenience, Stellar T-Boom Cranes can be operated with the handheld CDT™ Radio Remote Control System, which includes a capacity alert communication system and a safe mode function. The proportional crane control system gives operators precision control while allowing them to stand in the best possible position to achieve their job efficiently.

Stellar truck-mounted TC Series cranes can be powered by a PTO and pump located on the truck chassis or our optional 12V power unit with integral hydraulic reservoir. The crane body can be utilized on flatbed installations or mounted in the front of a service truck or mechanic truck body. All models are built with Stellar’s commitment to quality components and precision assembly for years of efficient performance.

Range Of Choices

Stellar makes T-Boom Service Cranes with a variety of reaches and lifting capacities to serve many needs.


Max Capacity: 2,400 lbs
Reach: 8.1 ft



Max Capacity: 3,970 lbs
Reach: 11 ft



Max Capacity: 4,865 lbs
Reach: 12.4 ft



Max Capacity: 4,940 lbs
Reach: 19.7 ft


Optimize your Service vehicle

Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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