Service Truck & Van Accessories

Built to the highest standards, Stellar’s robust line of service truck accessories and service van accessories are among the most dependable, rugged and trouble-free products available on the market today.

The best service vehicles are the ones that are equipped with all the necessary accessories and equipment required to get the job done. From increased efficiency and productivity to improved organization and convenience, outfitting your service truck or van with accessories from Stellar can optimize your workday and do wonders for your business.

Service Vehicle Must-Haves

Without a doubt, a day in the life of a field service technician can be challenging and unpredictable. Each workday presents a variety of different demands, and you often don’t know what equipment or tools you will need until you get out in the field and assess the repair. But one thing is for certain: the more prepared you are, the more productive you can be.

Stellar makes it easy to outfit your service vehicle your way with a wide range of mechanic service truck accessories and service van accessories, so you’ll have what you need, exactly when you need it. Having the proper accessories and equipment on hand will help you expand your capabilities and get your job done faster and more efficiently, making your workday more productive.

Investing in good, quality equipment is vital. Stellar’s lineup of reliable accessories withstands the toughest work environments and provides the storage, air, lube and power capabilities you need to get a wide variety of jobs done quickly.

Your One-Stop Accessory Shop

Mixing and matching manufactured components from multiple suppliers can lead to disconnects in efficiency. So, count on Stellar as your single source for all your accessory needs and for helping you create the most functional and productive service truck or service van.

Partnering with Stellar for everything you need will result in a unified service truck or van accessory package that functions as a cohesive whole. Additionally, you’ll have one consistent, dependable resource for support after your purchase.

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