Service Truck Crane Remote Controls

Increase productivity with industry-first service truck crane remote controls from Stellar. With a crane remote featuring Stellar’s exclusive family of Crane Dynamics Technology (CDT™/CDTpro™) remotes, you can control, power and monitor your crane from a safer distance with improved visibility.

Wireless Service Truck Crane Remotes

Don’t settle for a service truck crane remote control that’s not equipped with revolutionary Stellar® Crane Dynamics Technology. Only Stellar CDTpro and CDT Radio Remote Control Systems combine multifunction control, easy-view screens, ergonomic grips and the rugged durability needed for heavy use and jobsite demands.

Stellar makes a wide range of Hydraulic Cranes, Electric-Hydraulic Cranes, T-Boom Cranes and Specialty Cranes. With a Stellar handheld controller matched to the crane, operators can position themselves in the ideal operating location for control of the crane.

Stellar® Crane Dynamics Technology

Enhanced Safety & Precision

In addition to keeping the operator away from heavy loads, moving telescopic booms and more, service truck crane remote controls from Stellar help improve overall control. CDTpro and CDT crane remotes have ergonomic controls for single-hand operation. Crane functions are operated by toggle switches and a proportional control trigger.

  • Built-in alerts: Stellar was the first manufacturer to integrate a capacity alert into the handheld controller. Both visual alerts and increased vibration let the operator know the crane is approaching maximum capacity.
  • Enhanced safety system: When a CDTpro/CDT-equipped radio remote control senses an issue, it will put the operation into safe mode, allowing the operator to work with the crane at a reduced speed until the safety device is in proper working order. The operator also receives an alert if an overload is detected.
  • Crane Boost System: This industry-first, proprietary technology from Stellar allows operators who reach maximum capacity to productively operate through that situation by effectively increasing crane capacity to 118% of its normal operating mode for a short period of time. (Available on most hydraulic crane models.)

You can find compatible cranes in the details below or by getting more information on Stellar Service Cranes, Hydraulic Cranes, Electric-Hydraulic Cranes and T-Boom Cranes.

Industry-Leading Control Technology

Control, power and monitor your crane with Stellar’s wireless, ergonomic crane remote controls.



Compatible Stellar Hydraulic Service Cranes:
7621, 7630, 8621, 8630, 9621, 9630, 10621, 10630, 12621 & 12630



Compatible Stellar Hydraulic and Electric-Hydraulic Service Cranes:
3315, 4421, 5521, 6521

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Because different people use service vehicles in different ways, Stellar makes it easy to outfit yours with a wide range of accessories.

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