Shuttle Series Hooklift Trucks

Easy to operate, packed with power and built to last, Stellar® Shuttle Series Hooklift Trucks allow one operator to load and unload or change bodies without leaving the truck cab.

Shuttle Hooklift Trucks

Stellar is the only manufacturer in the U.S. that builds Shuttle hooklifts. As with all Stellar Hooklift Trucks, simplicity of design and operation are a top priority. As a matter of fact, our shuttle hooklift trucks are very economical and easy to operate because there are fewer functions that operators need to be trained on.

Stellar Hydraulic Shuttle Hook Lift Trucks can handle a variety of bodies ranging from flatbeds to recycling containers to dump bodies and more. Two independently controlled cylinders operate all the functions of our shuttle hooklift trucks.

The Stellar Shuttle consists of four basic parts: base, dump, secondary and tilt sections:

  • Base: All Stellar Hooklift hoists are tied together in one common framework. This base section, or subframe, not only adds strength to the hoist but also places less stress concentration on the truck chassis by providing additional structural support. The base section also provides for simple installation on most truck chassis.
  • Dump: This component pivots at the rear of the hoist and when the tilt engages the patented dump latch tabs, allowing for the container dumping function. The rear-body latches are attached to this component on all models, allowing the body to remain in the latches while in transit and dumping.
  • Secondary: The secondary section acts as the main pivoting member for loading and offloading bodies. This component ties the tilt and dump sections together into one cohesive unit.
  • Tilt and Dump Latch: This unique patented feature is the basis of the Stellar Hooklift system. With a simple mechanical engagement between the tilt section and the dump section, the pivot point is changed from the secondary section (loading/offloading) to the rear of the truck (dumping). Resettable tabs protect the system from out-of-sequence operation.
  • Tilt Cylinder: The tilt cylinder operates the tilt section of the Stellar Hooklift and features a pilot-operated counterbalance valve on both extend and retract sides. With Stellar’s unique twin-post design, line-of-sight visibility of the hook is available from the truck cab.

All Stellar Hooklift Trucks for sale feature permanently lubricated greaseable bushings, our patented dump/load interlock system and an efficient low-flow, high-pressure hydraulic system. Gravity-type safety latches are used to prevent accidental detachment of the body, while rugged rear-body tiedowns ensure body stability when in transit.

Only Stellar Hooklifts provide a full-length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during the dump mode. What’s more, our hooklift trucks for sale allow one truck operator to load and unload or change bodies without leaving the cab of the truck. All the hooklift controls are mounted in the truck cab for ease of operation.

Shuttle Series HookLift Truck Options

Find the right Stellar Hooklift Truck to meet your needs.

Shuttle16 Line Art

Shuttle16 (Flex)

Up to 16,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle20 Line Art


20,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle24 Line Art


24,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle32 Line Art


32,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle34 Line Art


34,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle40 Line Art


40,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle52 Line Art


52,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

Shuttle65 Line Art


65,000-lb Capacity Shuttle Hooklift

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