RRS-250 Two-Reel Self-Loading Cable Trailer

The rugged and dependable Stellar® RRS-250 Two-Reel Self-Loading Cable Trailer carries two 5,000-lb, 125″-diameter reels and has an inside working width of 60″. This trailer is designed for easy loading of two reels by opening the rear gate and then rolling the reels into the trailer. With the reels in a boxed-in area and a low center of gravity, the reel mover is safe and convenient. The RR-250 also is equipped with hand pumps or engine drive for hydraulics.

Standard Equipment:

  • Two manual hydraulic pumps
  • Bolted-on drop-leg jack
  • 12V electric brakes
  • Breakaway kit
  • LED lights
  • Painted with an attractive, high-gloss powder coat paint designed for durability
    • Color choices include yellow, black, white and orange
    • other color options are available — call for pricing
  • 7-pole RV plug or 6-pole round electrical connector and safety chains
  • Two pumps for uneven terrain reel adjustment
  • Low center of gravity
  • One-person operation
  • Various spool sizes
  • Choice of hitches and electrical connectors
  • Rear frame tube swings open for loading and closes to add support to frame members
  • Adjustable jack center support keeps frame aligned (pivots upward and out of the way while loading)
Reel Capacity: 5,000 lbs per reel
Reel Diameter: 125"
Reel Width: 60"
Overall Length: 26"
Overall Width: 102"
Weight: 3,100 lbs
Tires: 235-85R-16 (G-14 PLY)

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