RRS-335 Three-Reel Self-Loading Cable Trailer

Featuring the ability to haul up to three cable reels, the Stellar® RRS-335 Three-Reel Self-Loading Cable Trailer can handle anything your workday throws your way. This trailer can carry three 3,500-lb 125″-diameter reels and has an inside working width of 60″.

Standard Equipment:

  • 5 hp hydraulic motor
  • LED lights
  • Bolted-on drop-leg jack
  • 12V electric brakes
  • Breakaway kit
  • 6-pole round or 7-pole RV electrical connector
  • Pintle hitch
  • Safety chains
  • Painted with an attractive, high-gloss powder coat paint designed for durability
    • Color choices include yellow, black, white and orange
Reel Capacity: 3,500 lbs per reel
Reel Diameter: 125"
Reel Width: 60"
Overall Length: 35"
Overall Width: 102"
Weight: 4,700 lbs
Tires: 235-85R-16 (G-14 PLY)

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