Counting Down Our 10 Most Popular Articles and Videos in 2023


2023 has been an eventful year. As President David Zrostlik noted in his Q&A, Stellar has launched new initiatives and innovations, invested in our partnerships with customers and distributors, and become a 100% employee-owned company.

Included in our dedication to partnership is a commitment to provide you with helpful articles and informative news content year-round. We appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve received and will continue to bring you timely insights. Based on reader responses, website traffic and interest from our rapidly growing newsletter subscriber base, here’s a countdown of this year’s top 10 articles and videos in our content hub:

Stellar employees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG under a branded awning and in front of a large television

10. 7 Quick Hits on the Future of Off-Highway Maintenance with ‘Gold Rush’ Mechanic Nathan Clark and Tim Davison of Stellar

This article provided insights from the “Overcoming Off-Highway Repairs: The Future of Maintenance” panel held at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023. The snippets of wisdom offered by Clark and Davison ranged from embracing new technology to tips on retaining employees.

Graphic of 100% employee owned over a photo of a man assembling a mechanic truck.

9. Go Behind the Scenes with Stellar Employee Owners

How does Stellar’s 100% employee-ownership translate to a high level of product quality and customer service? This piece took a look at the ownership mindset and how everyone is focused on helping customers succeed. From improving parts distribution to continuous product innovation, you’ll get an inside look at the Stellar team in action.

Photo of Stellar President Dave Z with his signature and title

8. Interview: ‘Energized’ President Dave Z Keeps Focus on Customers

Here’s that Q&A mentioned above. We’re pleased that David Zrostlik — or “Z” as most know him — is viewed as a knowledgeable friend throughout the industry. Even more, readers appreciated his grounded, common-sense insights on building equipment based on customer needs and his look into the future on the importance of continuous improvement. Z’s father founded the company, and it’s great to know it’s still in good hands.

Mechanic Truck with Crane

7. How to Select a Mechanic Truck with Crane

Because customers have different needs, we offer a wide range of TMAX™ Mechanic Trucks with many configuration options. It’s essential that the truck and crane be sized right for the work so you don’t spend more than necessary on something too big or end up with a too-small unit that can’t handle the job. Along with our knowledgeable distributors and sales team, we provided this article that includes five questions to get answered before selecting a service crane. 

Customer Service Rep

6. Your Customer Service FAQs Answered

Our customer service team is so easy to work with that website visitors even enjoy reading about them. This popular article covered a wide range of questions for specific products as well as general topics to help keep equipment working. As Customer Service Director Nick Anderson notes, “Uptime is everything for our customers, so we do all we can to minimize disruptions and help them get back on the job.”


5. 3 Essentials to Understanding Hooklift Hoists

Stellar came into existence as the first U.S. corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist. A hooklift is the most versatile truck a business can have, and this article reviewed how hooklifts differ from a dump truck and a roll-off cable hoist along with how to get more productivity from a single truck.

Aerial view of CONEXPO Stellar Show Space

4. Video Recap: CONEXPO & Work Truck Week Were HUGE

Our industry is at its best when people get together to share ideas and check out the most recent advancements. At NTEA Work Truck Week 2023 and CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, customers visited our booths in record numbers. This story offered plenty of video recaps of the events and showcased Stellar’s latest productivity solutions.

Toolbox Drawers

3. What You Need to Know About Service Truck Tool Box Drawers

Stellar Toolbox Systems were still branded as American Eagle when this article came out at the end of 2022. Regardless of the name, these toolbox systems are available in a vast variety of configurations. Readers appreciated the help in choosing drawer sets, selecting whether to use steel or aluminum, and more.

Laura Wilson standing next to a sign with her face and Laura Farms on it and a deluxe fuel trailer on the other side of the image

2. Fueling Success: Laura Farms’ First Year with the Stellar Fuel Trailer

Stellar FuelMate® Fuel Trailers are popular. Laura Wilson of Laura Farms is popular. So it’s no wonder that an article with both of them nearly topped this list. Check out the included video to see how Laura’s fuel trailer revolutionized her planting and harvest seasons.


1. 100+ Different Uses for a Hooklift

Our customers love value almost as much as they love productivity, propelling this story on hooklift possibilities to the top of our list. Best of all, the many suggestions for hooklift use came directly from customers in a wide range of markets as they continue to come up with more ways to get the most from their investment.

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