Coil Pipe Trailer

Self-loading 102″ Carousel

Save time loading, transporting and unloading coil pipe with self-loading Stellar® IRH Coil Pipe Trailers. Fully DOT-compliant, these coil pipe trailers include a rotating carousel for smooth loading and unloading, a hand brake for secure transport, and a payload capacity up to 1,500 lbs. (hand pump model) or up to 3,000 lbs. (electric pump model).

Length: 12' 7"
Height: 96"
Width: 102"
Channel Frame: 5"
Carousel Size: 102"
Pipe Capacity: 1-1/2" – 3"
Maximum Reel: 69" x 120" (7,000-lb model)
59" x 120" (10,000-lb model)
Axle: 3,500 lbs
Tire Size (Load Range): ST205/75R15 (C)
GVWR: 3,850 lbs
Weight: 1,970 lbs
Payload Capacity: 1,500-lbs (hand pump model)
3,000-lbs (electric pump model)
Self-Loading: Yes

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