Go Behind the Scenes with Stellar Employee-Owners


When people have a stake in the success of a business, they go out of their way to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service. At Stellar, everyone has a stake because we became a 100% employee-owned company earlier this year. Since October is Employee Ownership Month, now is a great time to take you behind the scenes to see how our employee-owners ensure that Stellar® Work Trucks, Trailers and Service Truck Accessories are built to last.

The Ownership Mindset

While a traditional employee does good work, his or her mind is generally just on the task at hand. An owner thinks bigger, understanding that company success is based on the success of customers. As a 100% employee-owned company, everyone at Stellar is focused on helping our customers succeed:

  • How can we help our work truck and service crane customers get the performance they need while also increasing payload for more storage?
  • What timesaving innovations can we develop?
  • How can we make sure distributors and customers have the product details they need?
  • How can we get parts distributed more quickly to help reduce downtime in the field?

Whether it’s for products or processes, good ideas can come from anyone. At Stellar, we prioritize teamwork to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and performance. From the people who order the quality materials we use to those who handle precision assembly to the dedicated team providing customer support, we’re all focused on delivering the excellence that makes the Stellar name synonymous with quality and reliability.

Taking Ownership

Stellar employee-owners standing in front of equipment

As these photos of employee-owners show, every member of our team is proud to be an essential part of Stellar. That pride ensures quality. That quality ensures uptime. That uptime ensures customer success.

100% Committed to You

Stellar employee-owners are driven to maintain quality, plus we can react quickly to changing market needs to meet and exceed customer expectations. Simply put, we’re here to help. If you have an issue you need help with or would just like to explore ways we can help make your business more productive, contact us anytime. You can also ask about scheduling a tour for a personal look at how Stellar employee-owners deliver quality day in and day out.