880MT Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer

Say goodbye to the expense of dedicated fuel trucks and hello to Stellar® FuelMate® Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers. The unique design eliminates the need for a hazmat license, so you don’t need a specially qualified operator to take fuel directly to your equipment. You’ll save money while increasing productivity.

Towable Fuel Trailers

Stellar Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers help you save time and money by buying diesel in bulk for transport directly to your jobsite without the labor and insurance costs of a CDL hazmat operator. You’ll maximize equipment productivity by refueling on location, all without the expense of fuel transfer tanks and dedicated fuel trucks.

Every FuelMate Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer is equipped with seven 110-gallon internally baffled fuel tanks with a sight gauge, vented cap and tank breather. Because the fuel tank trailers are specially designed with the fuel tanks mounted separately, with individual shut off valves, to keep them isolated from each other, diesel fuel can be hauled without the need for CDL hazmat certification. You’ll have a mobile fuel source that brings the fuel tank to you, so you won’t lose precious time pulling equipment from your site for refueling.

Built To Last
Fully DOT-compliant, Stellar Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers are constructed with corner bracing for added stability and with top and bottom horizontal supports for more strength than an ordinary C frame, ensuring you’ll have the rugged reliability needed to deliver fuel to the most remote locations.

Fuel transport is safer and smoother thanks to vibration control from the spring-loaded bolts and the tub baffle system. You can also outfit your fuel trailer for your specific needs with different fuel pump systems, hose reel lengths, an air compressor, additional work lights and more.

And because the fuel tank trailers are from Stellar, you can count on high-quality components, stainless-steel features, and a powder-coated finish with rock guard spray for extra protection and long-term reliability.

With a towable fuel trailer, you can easily visit multiple sites to refuel different equipment throughout the day, or you can leave your Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer at the site while freeing up your truck for other duties. Along with serving as a mobile fuel source, your fuel tank trailer helps you meet environmental needs with a 110-gallon stainless-steel diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank.

Just as important, the high-quality components and construction of Stellar Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers ensure they’ll provide versatility and savings for years to come. All fuel tanks are independently mounted on the frame with spring-loaded bolts. Not only does this allow for maximum vibration control, but it also provides easy access if repairs are needed.

Constructed with tubed framing and 2″ top and bottom horizontal supports, these towable fuel tank trailers offer plenty of strength. Walking axles are used to allow for weight to be evenly distributed on both axles at all times. All tanks are built with corner bracing for additional strength and structural stability. Stellar Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers are DOT-compliant with LED lighting and include an adjustable hitch for easy towing.

  • 54″ Cabinet with two gull-wing doors
  • 5″ x 2″ tube frame
  • Two 6,000-lb spring axles with electric brakes
  • Aluminum wheels and tires
  • DOT-compliant lighting
  • Seven 110-gallon diesel fuel tanks
  • Electric start 50 gpm fuel pump
  • Mechanical meter
  • 1″ x 50′ diesel reel with high-flow auto nozzle and swivel
  • One 110-gallon stainless-steel DEF tank
  • 12V DEF pump with 3-way valve
  • 1/2″ x 50′ DEF reel with nozzle
  • Two 4″ x 6″ LED work lights
  • Primer powder coat finish

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