Customer Video: Junk Rescue Depends on Stellar Reliability


As a full-service junk removal and dumpster rental company, Junk Rescue needs to handle as many jobs per day as possible. To ensure they have the uptime required, owner Kyle McAnaugh uses a Stellar® Shuttle16 (Flex) Hooklift. “I picked Stellar because of its reliability, its consistency, and the ability for it to pick up the weight of the heavy dumpsters.”

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Junk Rescue is committed to helping customers quickly get rid of junk from small to large. That makes for busy days, and McAnaugh notes that the productivity of a Stellar Hooklift for junk removal makes it manageable. “If you’re running a truck that has a winch, it really takes up a lot of your time getting in and out of the truck. With our Stellar Hooklift, we’re able to keep our drivers in the truck pretty much 90% of the time. It speeds up a lot of turnover for us.”

In this video, McAnaugh discusses how Stellar’s reliability ensures that Junk Rescue can maintain the dependable services it offers.

Hooklift Capacity Means More Jobs Per Day

While McAnaugh was familiar with Stellar’s reputation for quality, he’s a smart shopper who looked into all available options before selecting the equipment needed for a junk removal business. “I did research on different hooklifts and companies before I chose Stellar. It beat everyone with the capacity it can pick up. It’s such a good hook, it’s super reliable, and its ability to pick up these heavy dumpsters is incredible.” 

The combination of capacity, versatility and reliability gives Junk Rescue the equipment for junk removal to meet customer requests day in and day out. “The Stellar Hooklift helps our team stay productive because we’re able to shuffle anywhere from eight to 12 dumpsters a day, eliminate the waste that’s inside them, and take them to new projects. It helps us speed up our turnover.”

Junk Rescue hooklift

Built for Real-World Use

That Stellar Hooklifts are easy to operate also pays dividends for McAnaugh. “The best thing I like about Stellar is how trainable the equipment is. It’s really easy to show drivers how to operate it. It’s super easy to control, and they pick it up quickly. In a market like today, being able to train someone on this equipment easily is super helpful and makes it way easier for us to get our guys on the road quickly.”

Working with Stellar has been easy, too. “Stellar is definitely a company that’s committed to helping small businesses like mine. Even when we first set the truck up, they had a rep come out to walk us through a few things to really make sure that we understood what we were doing, which was super cool. Stellar lives up to its name with its performance, capability, reliability. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”

Find the Right Hooklift for Your Business

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