Pennsylvania’s Mininger Dumpster Services Finding Success with New Hooklift


Small businesses rarely have the luxury of a large fleet of equipment. So, if you want to keep up with bigger operations, the equipment you do have better make a big impact. Caleb Mininger, owner of Mininger Dumpster Services in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, understands this more than most.

Mininger started his company in June 2020, right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a tough period for all companies, but even more so for a startup.

With grit and determination, Mininger persevered through the first few years with some dumpsters and his 1998 Freightliner FL70 truck, outfitted with a cable hoist. While he worked, he saved up to eventually purchase a new truck and more durable hooklift. 

His hard work paid off in two years. “I went shopping for a new truck and went to see Coopersburg Kenworth. I did some research, and while I didn’t know much about the different hooklift or cable hoist brands, I never read anything bad about Stellar and its line of hooklifts,” said Mininger.

In December 2022, Mininger Dumpster Services introduced a new truck to its lineup with a Kenworth 380, mounted with a Stellar® Slider26 Hooklift. They also possess 24 dumpsters, mostly of the 15- and 20-yard variety. 

“I love that Stellar is American-made,” says Mininger. “I always heard they manufacture top-of-the-line, as-strong-as-you-can-get products.”

The Slider26 is a 30,000-pound capacity sliding jib hooklift. It is capable of loading, unloading and dumping various bodies with lengths ranging from 12 feet to 16 feet with the use of a sliding rectangular jib, which reduces flex and provides greater structural integrity. 

“The Slider26 … has definitely helped me do my job more efficiently. It is a very quick hooklift hoist and is so strong. It has done everything I can ask for, and I’m happy with it.”

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