How a Stellar® TMAX™ Mechanic Truck Makes the Grade for AZ Grademaker


Uptime is always important, but it’s particularly essential when you’re part of a team on major projects. Other contractors count on AZ Grademaker for grading and finish work, so AZ Grademaker keeps a Stellar TMAX Mechanic Truck onsite at every job.

“The type of work we do is heavy civil, heavy highway, airport runways, freeways, roads, big commercial sites, big warehouse pads, things like that,” says AZ Grademaker owner Henry George. “Downtime is a really big deal with a contractor. If they’re trying to pave on Monday and you break down and can’t get a mechanic to come for a week to work on your machine, it’s a big deal. So we keep a truck onsite with the equipment at all times.”

In this video, George explains why the versatility of TMAX Mechanic Trucks ensures AZ Grademaker can keep all of its equipment on the job.

Understanding Specific Needs

When shopping for a mechanic truck body, George met with several dealers for several brands. While the others told George what he should get, he was impressed that Stellar and distributor Curry Supply took the time to listen instead of talk. “We were looking for a new bed to build a new service truck. Stellar and Curry Supply spent time to understand exactly what my business is and what we do to make sure that I got everything I needed. Stellar was willing to install and customize everything the way we wanted.”

Part of that customization was the selection of hydraulic cranes, toolbox systems and other accessories to make sure AZ Grademaker could meet its need for equipment uptime. “By having the Stellar mechanic truck bed and crane, we’re able to easily do even our biggest repairs with this truck. So we don’t have to wait for a dealer with a bigger truck to come out and pull a transmission or anything like that for us. We’re able to do that ourselves. With the Stellar bed and crane, we’re able to do anything that we need to any of our machines, whether it’s a scraper, a motor grader, water truck, whatever.”

Quality Ensures Uptime

Working with heavy-duty equipment on worksites with torn-up grounds and rocky terrain requires a heavy-duty mechanic truck that can hold up under tough conditions. “Stellar workmanship and quality is really good,” notes George. “We’ve had zero issues. We have had no problems with welds cracking or paint chipping off or anything like that.”

The little details make a big difference to George, too. “One of my favorite things about the Stellar body is the drawer packs. When you have a tool that gets jammed up underneath and you can’t get the drawer open or closed, with everybody else you have to get some kind of a pry bar and try to reach back there and get it knocked down. But the Stellar drawers pick up and slide out. You can rearrange your equipment, then stick it right back in.”

From the versatile design to the high-quality construction, George is happy with his choice. “I would recommend Stellar very highly to anybody that’s looking for a good heavy-duty mechanic truck.”

Find the Right Choice for Your Business

In addition to construction, TMAX Mechanic Trucks are ideal for a wide range of markets. You can work with your distributor or contact us to find the configuration that will work best for you.

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