Fueling Success: Laura Farms’ First Year with the Stellar® Fuel Trailer


In the world of farming, efficiency and productivity are paramount to success. Meet Laura Wilson, aka Laura Farms, a dedicated fifth-generation farmer from Nebraska. Last spring, Laura took delivery of a Stellar Fuel Trailer and, thanks in part to the fuel trailer, she has seen her operation thrive. 

With 2,500 acres of land to tend to, she knew that time was of the essence, especially during critical planting and harvest periods. The time and effort involved with traditional fueling methods were becoming a bottleneck, resulting in unnecessary downtime and lost productivity.  

In her quest to streamline the fueling process with a more efficient solution, Laura discovered the Stellar 990-gallon Deluxe Fuel Trailer. This high-quality trailer boasts a range of features specifically designed to meet the unique needs of farmers. Equipped with a robust fuel tank, reliable pump and convenient dispensing system, the Stellar Fuel Trailer provides a self-contained, mobile fueling solution that is a great alternative to fuel transfer trucks and eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to refuel equipment.

Watch the video below to witness the day the fuel trailer was delivered to Laura and discover how it revolutionized her planting and harvest seasons by effortlessly transporting fuel directly to her machinery in the field.

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