NXT™ Series Hooklift Trucks

Experience the next evolution of telescopic hooklifts with Stellar’s NXT Series. These strong yet lightweight hooklift systems expertly load, unload and dump various truck bodies with ease and efficiency.

Do More with Stellar® NXT Series Hooklifts

Reach the next level of productivity with innovative Stellar NXT Series Hooklifts, featuring best-in-class lost load height on all models. The unique bolt-on body lock system provides universal adjustment for either inside or outside locks, so all it takes is one truck and one operator to handle a wide range of capacities and body sizes. With the robust NXT Hooklift’s remarkable lift capacity, you’ll have maximum flexibility — using dumpsters, flatbeds, storage containers and more — to take on multiple jobs and added jobs per day.

NXT™ Series Hooklift Trucks

  • The Z-rail design helps to ensure high strength without added weight.  The base is pre-drilled to allow for efficient installation on the truck chassis and to allow body saddles to be installed where needed. Integrated body lock mounting holes on the dump section provides the body saddles to be installed where needed.
  • Telescopic jib with multiplate design provides a lightweight yet sound structure for handling various body lengths.
  • An industry-leading universal body latching system is completely flexible with inside (NXT18) and outside locks (all models) that can be moved by unbolting, repositioning, and bolting back down. This allows the user to position the body locks in specific locations to accommodate body locks that may not be in the correct spot. The versatility of this system eliminates the need to cut locks off, reweld or repaint.
  • The adjustable hook height lets you set hook height to match lift bar height of a fleet of containers.  The NXT18 is equipped with manual adjustable from 36” to 54” hook height while the NXT40 and NXT52 has both manual adjustable and hydraulic adjustable from 54” to 62” hook height.
  • Compact secondary design: Lost load height of 7.5″ (NXT18) and 10.5″ (NXT40 and NXT52), allowing a lower below-grade hook bar approach.
  • Integrated replaceable wear pads for easier serviceability.
  • For added convenience and efficiency, the integrated soft-stop feature brings the body to rest gently on the body saddles, and the speed enhancement system for cylinder extension cuts cycle time up to 75% (NXT40 and NXT52).
  • The NXT18 is equipped with electronic controls for more efficient operation of the hooklift. The system offers two-speed operation to allow for slowing the unit down for precise control in various situations. The NXT40 and NXT52 features an air control system for smooth operation.
  • Programmable logic provides precision hook deployment, and the radio remote control transmitter delivers easy, handheld operation control in either the chassis cab or standing outside of the cab (NXT18).
  • Universal mounting bracket lets you place 8-gallon (NXT18) and 25-gallon (NXT40 and NXT52) hydraulic reservoir where you want it: top mount at the bulkhead (NXT18) or along the chassis frame, or on either side of the unit (all models).  This removes any workaround needs if there are chassis items that could interfere with the reservoir mounting.

With a full fleet of hooklifts, Stellar offers the largest line of hydraulic hooklift systems in North America. Talk with a NXT Series Hooklift specialist today for a custom quote.


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Meet a vast range of applications with NXT Series Hooklifts.

Stellar NXT18 Hooklift rearview


18,000-lb capacity hooklift



40,000-lb capacity hooklift

NXT52 Hooklift


52,000-lb capacity hooklift

NEW Side view of the NXT68 hooklift.


68,000-lb capacity hooklift

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