Innovations to Help Your Mine Site Productivity


Stellar understands that you need equipment that’s reliable and helps keep your operation productive at the mine site. With rugged equipment decked out to maximize efficiency, you can focus on what you do best. Check out the recent innovations that we’ve introduced to help you and your team get there.

TM28 Tire Manipulator

There are many features on the TM28 that increase productivity for mining professionals, including the optional side shift and additional flood lights. These features allow for easier operation at the mine site. Additionally, the TM28 provides more versatility through its ability to attach to and detach from forklifts or loaders. By adding the TM28 to existing equipment, mining operators can increase equipment utilization and value by eliminating the need to buy dedicated pieces of equipment for specific jobs.

The features built into the TM28 make it strong, robust and easy to use. The performance numbers speak for themselves.

Check out the full features in the video below.

28000 Large OTR Tire Truck

The 28000 Large OTR Tire Truck offers rock-solid performance and maximum opportunities for equipment utilization. This crane features a lifting capacity of 28,000 lbs at 10′ and 17,200 lbs at 16′ 3″ of total reach, without the tire manipulator.

The modified A-frame stabilizer design that Stellar offers is an industry first. By modifying the A-frame geometry and using dual cylinders, these trucks can provide A-frame stability at differing widths — offering the durability of A-frame stabilizers with the diversity of out-and-down style outriggers.

Check out all this tire truck has to offer in the video below.

TMAX™ 2-14 Aluminum Low Cab Forward (LCF) Mechanic Truck

The TMAX 2-14 Aluminum Low Cab Forward (LCF) Mechanic Truck provides yet another level of customization to the successful and long-standing TMAX series. The low cab forward chassis combines a tight turning radius with a larger body, so operators get the maneuverability they need without sacrificing storage space or lifting capacity.

This mechanic truck has multiple storage configurations, allowing it to take on any job. With proprietary drill-free mounting rails, operators can add accessories faster while also preventing water intrusion. Whether you’re looking for maximum storage, accessibility, optimized weight distribution or all the above, this truck can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Stellar® TMAX Aluminum Mechanic Trucks provide increased corrosion resistance for an added layer of protection. Because mining locations and conditions can be unpredictable, this can be key to your success on the mine site. An additional advantage for aluminum bodies includes lower overall weight of the truck, which allows for more opportunities when it comes to customization and added accessories.

TMAX 1 Welder Service Truck

Stellar TMAX Aluminum Mechanic and Service Trucks, like the TMAX 1 Welder Service Truck, are ideal for mine and construction sites. The TMAX 1 Welder Service Truck is one of the latest additions to the industry-leading TMAX series.

The Welder Service Truck provides numerous features that power your productivity and keep you working. The 30″ workbench bumper, enhanced with a slide-out tray, keeps this on-demand workstation ready for torch cutting and welding. The trays have removable support slats that allow for blow-through to the ground, keeping your workspace clean, and the 2″ V-channel that runs the length of the bumper makes for easy clamping.

The TMAX 1 Welder Service Truck is set up for use with any of the Stellar T-Boom Cranes. T-Boom Cranes take mining innovations to a new level with the revolutionary CDT™ Radio Control System, which allows for easy operation. Plus, this innovative control system allows the crane operator to be positioned away from the machine for more control and better visibility.

Consistent with all TMAX Series Mechanic and Service Trucks, the TMAX 1 Welder Service Truck uses stainless-steel billet-style hinges, 3-point stainless-steel compression latches and double spring-over-center door closures. All Stellar truck bodies are completely undercoated for additional protection from corrosion and painted with a two-part polyurethane enamel paint for both protection and visual appeal. These TMAX Series enhancements increase reliability, keeping you on the job and reducing costs.

A Focus on Innovative Technologies

Stellar provides innovative solutions for the mining industry that result in productivity gains. When you invest in a Stellar product, you can be sure that you’re getting the best in the business, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Nathan Clark and Dave Turin, stars of Gold Rush, have to say about Stellar equipment in our recent blog.

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