Why “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” Chooses Stellar


In 1848, the discovery of gold nuggets in California sparked an epic Gold Rush that shaped American history. A thrilling quest for the precious metal continues today — and Stellar equipment is an important part of it.

Mechanic Nathan Clark runs a Stellar Mechanic Truck on ”Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” a Discovery Channel show where hard-working gold miners risk their lives for a chance at striking it rich. The operation’s fleet also includes a Stellar Fuel Trailer and T-Boom Crane.

Why do Clark and star Dave Turin (also known as “Dozer Dave”) count on Stellar field service equipment to keep their high-profile mission running in harsh mining conditions? Watch the video or read the video transcript below to find out.

‘Great Products, Good People, Good Support’

DAVE TURIN: One of the things that is most important to us, as miners or in construction, is to have a good service truck. And so about two or three years ago we hooked up with Stellar.

NATHAN CLARK: Stellar’s got great products, built here in America, good product, good people, good support.

DAVE TURIN: What I’ve always noticed about Stellar is everything’s beefy. Great welding, I mean, great workmanship. And they don’t cut corners. There’s nothing cheap on it. I mean you look at the back of these, it’s all good, solid steel. And it’s thick. And that’s the thing that I love about them.

Versatility and Performance

DAVE TURIN: So we have, actually, three different products with Stellar. Nate has his big service truck (a TMAX™ 2-11 Aluminum Mechanic Truck with a 12621 Hydraulic Service Crane and 65R Rotary Screw Air Compressor). When you have a nice crane on a truck like this, it adds so much to when you’re working on stuff. It’s versatile. You know, you can do things like he could pick up a barrel, or he could pick up a transmission.

This last year, I converted an F-550 truck into our welding truck (with a TC38 Series T-Boom Crane). And here lately, we got a FuelMate® (Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer) which we haul fuel with because where we’re mining in Alaska, it’s a long ways to get our fuel. It’s been working great. That thing is awesome.

NATHAN CLARK: It really helps us to keep on gold mining. Without some of the Stellar stuff, we wouldn’t get the gold we get today.

For more from Clark and Turin, watch “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” check out this episode on the Discovery YouTube page and follow Clark on Facebook and Instagram.

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