Stellar Equipment Strikes Gold


This year, Stellar equipment struck gold in real-world adventures, literally. Nathan Clark, Mechanic on the Discovery Channel Series Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, purchased a Stellar® TMAX Aluminum Mechanic Truck from the Iowa company to help gear up for Season 3.

Nathan’s primary role is to help his team stay operational by keeping the equipment functioning properly. Having a mechanic on-site can save hours and dollars. Inoperative equipment within any job is money lost, particularly when the equipment is expected to pull money from the ground.

With 17 years of experience in heavy equipment, Nathan understands what he needs to keep Team Turin’s mining operation in tip-top shape. This is why, as season 3 approached, he made the investment in a service truck.

“I used Stellar Cranes and Service beds for years before gold mining,” said Nathan. “The reliability of the products is one of the main reasons I went with Stellar Industries for my service truck.”

The Stellar service truck Nathan chose is equipped with many features beneficial to mining operations. The aluminum service body provides increased corrosion resistance for an added layer of protection. Never knowing where they may end up mining, this can be incredibly helpful. Additionally, the weight-savings gained by choosing aluminum enabled Nathan to add a lube skid, increasing the services he can provide on-site. The heavy-duty drawer system makes access to all his tools quick and easy, and the 12621 crane makes moving and lifting the other equipment a breeze.

Equipped with a new service truck, a hopeful mining location selected, and a passion to mine, Nathan and the rest of the team were ready for a big year, but 2020 had other ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly started to narrow Team Turin’s options to film Season 3, making the service truck a risky investment.

“All else fails, I’ll go back to turning wrenches full time instead of gold mining, but I won’t be a gold miner,” said Nathan. “I found my passion, I found what I love, and I found my new family. Dave’s got to find somethin’.”

Luckily, the team received the green light to film, and after strict testing and quarantining on site, they were able to start filming Season 3 in June.

What is Gold Rush?

Dave Turin of Gold Rush posing next to his TMAX Aluminum Mechanic Truck

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine is different from the other Gold Rush series because of where the team mines. Dave Turin and his team search the Western United States for abandoned mines in hopes of resurrecting what the old-time gold miners may have left behind. The documentary style of the series offers viewers a real-life look at modern mining. Throughout the season, viewers watch firsthand how the unique equipment operates and how they keep it all running.

“One thing about everyone on the team is we’re all passionate and really want to show respect to the industry,” said Nathan. “Some people out there don’t do that. With us, we’re real miners. When this is all said done at some point in our life, I don’t want to go back out into the field and represent somebody that’s really not who I am.”

Many viewers wonder how authentic reality TV is when they watch it. The focus of the show is to highlight the real world and the real people of mining. They work hard to show viewers what miners do, who they are, and how much fun they have.”

“It’s about keeping people genuine,” said Nathan. “When we start separating ourselves from that, we’re not reality TV anymore, and I won’t be part of that.”

A Gold Start

As a Texas native, Nathan didn’t grow up dreaming about being a gold hunter. He actually grew up drag racing just like his dad. It was during those years spent working on cars that he found his passion for mechanics.

“I knew I wanted to be in that industry, I always enjoyed it,” said Nathan. “But when I started working full time at that, it started to take away from my hobby.”

Before he let himself completely burn out and lose his love for the industry, he changed up his career. He left auto-mechanics and spent the next few years working in retail, oilfields, and coal mining.

Then, about eight years ago, Todd Hoffman from Discovery’s main Gold Rush series was looking for a mechanic. Nathan decided to send in his resume. After going through the interview process, it came down to him and Juan Ibarra who eventually won the job and is still part of the main show’s cast today.

When Dave started setting up for his series, he remembered Nathan from his interview years before and thought he’d be perfect for the team. Before agreeing to join the team, Nathan had to get to know Turin first. Making sure their ideals were similar and that he wasn’t just another TV guy was very important to Nathan. Once they learned more about each other and discovered they had a shared passion for the industry, Nathan jumped on board. It has been a productive relationship ever since.

“He’s [Dave] really taken me under his wing,” said Clark. “We work well together. Through business and personal, he’s always been there. I have a lot of respect for Dave.”

Since joining the team in 2018, Nathan’s involvement with the show and his relationships with the crew have grown. He hopes to continue the growth in his career and add to his team’s success for many years to come.

“I chose this field,” said Nathan. “I guess I don’t know if it chose me, or I chose it.”

The Man Behind the Wrench

Big, loud, and funny. Not only is this what you see on TV of Nathan, but off-screen, this is how his closest friends and family would describe him as well.

“Some people look at me and think, man, he looks meaner than crap,” said Nathan. “But I’m really just a big teddy bear. I really care about people. Anybody who knows me, or gets to know me, knows that.”

When this gearhead isn’t in the field with his team hunting for veins of gold, he enjoys spending time back home in the outdoors of Kentucky with his family.

“I love fishing, it’s one of my passions,” said Nathan. “That’s something I love doing with my family more than anything.”

However, this big guy isn’t above getting in touch with his softer side and enjoys a good bubble bath now and then too.

An “open book” is how Nathan described himself, and that is the best way to put it. He’s proud to show who he is and what matters to him to the world. In both his work and off-time, family, friends, and community are front of mind in all he does.

“I’ve always set out to do the best I can for my family,” said Nathan. “I’ve always wanted to show people that you can put your heart and soul into anything you want. This is my opportunity to inspire people.”

Stellar industries could not have asked to be featured alongside better representatives of the industry. We are very proud to support this gold-level team.