The New World of Tradeshows


In the past, we would be spending these final months to wind down from a busy summer of travel and shows. 2020, however, has been a different story, for not only the industry but the world. 

As we wrapped up from the NTEA Work Truck Show and CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March, the coronavirus pandemic made clear there would be much uncertainty for the remaining 2020 tradeshows. As we continued into spring, without positive change, it became clear that the world as we knew it would have to adjust for the foreseeable future. And by June, many of the remaining 2020 shows had postponed or canceled. 

With events canceled and the option to meet in-person no longer available, virtual applications became the new outlet for staying connected. Businesses quickly adapted to using virtual tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype. Many industry associations found ways to utilize these services to host virtual tradeshows as well. Through sharing videos, hosting live demos, and large group conference calls, we have been able to stay connected when face-to-face is not an option. 

Stellar has had the opportunity over the past several months to take part in several of these new ‘Virtual Tradeshows’ such as ACT Virtual Experience, DakotaFest Online, Farm Progress Online, and WasteExpo Together Online. Learning how to use the variety of new platforms and ways to interact has not been a complete walk in the park, though. However, it has been a great way to stay in touch with customers, distribution, and the industry. In addition to staying connected throughout the global pandemic, it has also taught us a whole new way of reaching people. 

With 2021 right around the corner, it is still unclear what the world will be. As of now, some shows have already decided to continue the virtual trend. Others are staying hopeful that by 2021 in-person events will be safe to attend again. Whatever the case, Stellar is confident we are ready for either option. Whether we meet face-to-face or continue to ‘virtually connect,’ Stellar will continue to share our products and our people to the world.