New Crane Radio Remote Rebuild Program Shortens Delivery Time


Stellar has long been a leader in increasing service crane productivity with industry-first crane remote controls. Stellar CDT™ and CDTpro™ remotes let operators control, power and monitor their cranes from a safer distance with improved visibility.

In order to ensure maximum uptime, we’ve recently introduced a new Radio Remote Rebuild program that shortens the lead time needed to get a replacement unit. The new program was put in place partially because of supply chain issues, but primarily because crane control technology is constantly evolving and we want to be sure customers have what’s needed to maximize efficiency.

How It Works

In the past, customers sending in a damaged or nonworking radio remote to have a component repaired or replaced could wait days or even weeks to receive their unit back due to supply chain logistics. The new Radio Remote Rebuild program eliminates that delay by allowing you to return a used component for core credit to put toward the purchase of either a new or refurbished component. You’ll get the control you need in a much shorter period of time, plus Stellar will be able to expedite repairs to make more refurbished units available.

To get your new or refurbished control:

  1. Contact Stellar at 800.321.3741 ext. 4746 or by emailing to let us know you’ll be sending in a component for core credit. Be sure to provide the crane’s serial number so the correct information can be accessed.
  2. Based on the type of radio component, the Warranty Coordinator will tell you what the potential core credit is on the component pending an inspection. They’ll also quote the price of a new or refurbished replacement component (based on availability).
  3. You purchase a replacement component, which Stellar will ship to you as quickly as possible so you can get to work. Stellar also issues an RMA for the return and inspection of the used component to determine core credit eligibility.
  4. You send the unit to Stellar for evaluation.
  5. Stellar radio technicians assess the component to determine if it is repairable.
  6. If the unit is repairable, you receive full core credit.

Productivity Is Always The Goal

We understand how important uptime is to your business, and the new Radio Remote Rebuild program is designed to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the program or would like more information, please reach out to our customer service team at 800.321.3741 ext. 4746 or by emailing