Stellar Unveils Industry-First Bale-Style Pull-Handle Toolbox System


Garner, Iowa — Stellar Industries, a 100% employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, is thrilled to announce the launch of its bale-style pull-handle toolbox system. This new addition to Stellar’s product lineup will not only replace the existing pull-handle toolbox system but also introduce several beneficial improvements.

Designed with user convenience and versatility in mind, the bale-style pull-handle toolbox system features a unique dual-action handle design that allows users to activate the latches by grabbing the handle from either above or below. This easy-to-use design offers a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience. Stellar is proud to be the first to introduce this handle style to the market, setting a new standard for toolbox system design and flexibility in the industry. 

“We are thrilled to launch another high-quality product that meets the evolving needs of our customers,” said Tim Davison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stellar. “Our team has worked hard to create a toolbox system that not only enhances functionality but also provides an attractive and durable solution. This product is sure to enhance the way people interact with their toolbox systems.”  

Customers can count on a smooth switchover to the new toolbox system; the new bale-style pull-handle toolbox system will replace the existing pull-handle toolbox system seamlessly at the time of launch. What’s more, this innovative design will utilize 90% of the toolbox system parts from Stellar’s T-handle version, allowing for an easy upgrade. The drawer front assembly on a T-handle toolbox system can be directly replaced with a pull-handle front assembly.  Additionally, the new toolbox system will continue to carry Stellar’s lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind. 

As always, material excellence is a given with any Stellar® product, and the new toolbox system is designed with all metal components, including metal latches and handles, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition, drawer fronts are anodized, but customers will have the option to paint them to suit their individual preferences and styles.

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