SI-30/40 Cable Hoist Truck

30,000- or 40,000-lb Capacity

Get job after job after job done with the Stellar® SI-30/40 Cable Hoist Truck. It has the power and smooth performance to maximize productivity on a daily basis. Choose from the SI-30 for a 30,000-lb hoist rated capacity for a single rear axle chassis or the SI-40 for a 40,000-lb hoist rated capacity for a tandem rear axle chassis.

  • Reeving Cylinder Enclosure to reduce exposure from damaging debris.
  • Dump Cylinder Mounting above and outside of the frame rails for easier access and stability during dumping.
  • Durable Construction includes zinc-plated steel pins in the rear hinge, sheaves and cylinders, plus 1/2″ high-strength wear plates at the end of the main frame tubes.
  • Cable Routed in the single direction of rotation.
  • Flexibility to mount to a single axle chassis with the capability of being built with drop axle.
  • Improved Maneuverability when installed on single rear axle chassis.
  • Container Lock is automatic spring loaded.
  • Gear-Type Hydraulic Pump for 25 gpm and low pressure.
  • Counterbalance Valves prevent cylinder movement in case of pressure loss.
  • Protective Coating featuring two-part polyurethane automotive finish paint for added protection against scratches and debris.
  • Easy Maintenance thanks to greaseable bushings with zerks at all pivot points.


  • 36 months structural
  • 12 months parts and labor
Hoist Rated Capacity: 30,000 lbs for single rear axle chassis
40,000 lbs for tandem rear axle chassis
Main Frame: 8" x 4" x 3/8" A500 C tubing
Subframe: 4" x 2" x 1/4" A500 C tubing
Front Stop: 1-1/2" plate
Container Lock: Automatic spring-loaded
Lift Cylinder Shaft: 2-1/2" solid steel
Rear Hinge Shaft: 2" solid steel
Cable: 7/8" (6 x 37 EXIWRC)
Cable Sheaves: 10" O.D. bronze-brushed sheave
Cable Anchor: 4 cable clamps
Cable End: Steel casting
Lift Cylinders: 5" x 72" D.A.
Reeving Cylinder: 5" x 80" D.A.
Operating Pressure: 30,000 lbs capacity:
- 2,000 psi (main cylinders)
- 2,500 psi (reeving cylinders)

40,000 lbs capacity:
- 2,500 psi (main cylinders)
- 3,000 psi (reeving cylinders)
Hydraulic Valve: 2-spool 25 gpm
Hydraulic Reservoir: 25-gal 10-micron filter & screen filter
Outside Rollers: 4" O.D. with bronze bearing
Working Points: Greaseable
Safety Stand: Factory-installed
I.C.C. Bumper: Folding, mounting lugs factory-installed
Rear Bumper: Pre-drilled bolt mount — sealed beam backup, clearance and tail lights
Hoist-Up Alarm: Alerts operator that dump is in elevated position
Cable End: Steel casting, knuckle type
Rear Flange Roller: 8" O.D. hardened with 2-1/2" c-1045
Hoist Up: 34 sec. approx.
Hoist Down: 26 sec. approx.
Cable In: 32 sec. approx.
Container Length: 18' – 22'
Approximate Weight: 4,950 lbs
Inside Controls: Pneumatic
Auxiliary Fold-Down Front Stops: For short containers
Full Fenders: Tandem or tri-axle, 12-gauge steel or poly
Tarp Rack/Toolbox Combination: 20" x 16" x 48"
Rear Hold Down: 1" plate located for standard containers
Middle Hold Down: 3/4" plate
Hydraulic Valve: 3-spool 25 gpm
4-spool 25 gpm
Drop-In Stops: For short containers
Lift Cylinder: Boxed-beam double-shear lift cylinder with replaceable stub pins and cross tube for hose routing
Air-Operated PTO: For use with manual transmission chassis
Hot-Shift PTO: For use with automatic transmission chassis
Single-acting hydraulic line to rear*: Hydraulic function to rear of container
Double-acting hydraulic line to rear*: Hydraulic function to rear of container
Double-acting hydraulic line to side*: Hydraulic function to rear of container
*Requires the 3-spool valve option or selector valve.
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