5 Questions to Ask When Building Your Perfect Work Truck


There are plenty of things to think about when you’re building a work truck. Making sure your work truck is built around you is important to maximizing productivity. So how do you make sure you don’t miss anything important? Here are five key questions to ask when building your perfect truck.  

1. What are my truck size needs?

Getting the foundation right is the key to any productive truck, and there are multiple ways to figure out the right fit.  

One way is to consider whether you want a truck that requires a CDL driver. This will greatly impact the size of chassis you can get, and in turn the size of crane and body. If the CDL does not affect your needs, you may want to consider your job function first. By determining what you will be lifting, you can figure out what crane size you will need, which then governs your body size and chassis needs.   

The crane, body, and chassis are all key building blocks of a truck that are based on each other, so starting with this question is key to the longevity and productivity of your work truck.  

2. Where will I be doing the work?

This might not be a question you would normally think to ask, but where you will be doing the work with your truck may affect how you build it. Many states have varying regulations and training policies when it comes to crane trucks and service vehicles. Be sure to research the guidelines in the states you will be working in prior to purchase to be sure your truck is in compliance. 

3. Do I need a compressor, welder, or integrated unit?

Thinking through all of the add-on tools you need to complete your job when you’re building your truck can save you time, money, and stress down the road. With so many options available for compressors, welders and integrated units, ask your sales representative which options will fit your needs best for the most practical cost.  

4. Where will I put my tools, parts and other equipment?

Often, we can overthink storage or assume that the truck we’re getting is going to have adequate drawers, shelves, and space for the tools and equipment needed to carry to and from the job site. However, because everyone works differently, be sure to ask about drawer customizations, shelving, and other tool storage needs. 

5. Do I have lube and fuel needs?

Along with compressors, welders, generators, and other accessories, remembering to ask about add-on fuel or lube storage and hauling options can be helpful in saving time and money in the future. Figuring out if you need lube storage, either mobile or permanent, or the ability to haul fuel trailers may also affect other options you’re considering when building your truck. 

Of course, there are more than these five questions to consider when building your perfect work truck, but having a solid starting point is helpful when beginning the process. Don’t hesitate to ask your sales representative and equipment manufacturer any questions. Being confident in your work truck as you set off on your next adventure is the first step toward a successful job.  

Interested in building your perfect work truck? Reach out to us or your local distributor.