5 Questions to Ask When Setting Up Your Work Truck


Whether you’re getting a new mechanic or service truck or working on enhancing your current one, having the storage, equipment and tools you need is important to being successful on the job. Here are five important questions to ask when setting up your work truck.  

1. Do I need a compressor, welder, or integrated unit?

With multiple options available, asking your sales representative about the various types of truck-mounted air compressors, welders and integrated packages and how they work is important to finding the right fit. Think through the types of tools you use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Do you need air power? Electricity? Your tool requirements will help you figure out what unit or units will be the best investment.  

2. Do I have lube or fuel needs?

Along with compressors, welders, generators, and other accessories, consider the need for fuel or lube storage and hauling options. With options to add permanent or mobile lube skids, you can upfit your work truck and eliminate the need for a secondary vehicle. Other trailer options also give you the benefit of mobile workstations that can go from site to site and easily be towed by your truck.  

3. Where do I put this?

Often, we can overthink storage or assume that the truck we’re getting is going to have adequate drawers, shelves, and space for the tools and equipment needed to carry to and from the job site. However, because everyone works differently, be sure to ask about drawer customizations, shelving, and other tool storage needs you may have for your work needs.  

4. What do I need for lighting?

Make sure your truck is fully equipped with optimal interior and exterior work lights. If you haven’t already, strongly consider moving from the old incandescent and halogen work lights to the bright, highly efficient LED variety.  

Interior lighting is easy to overlook but can often be a productivity saver. In addition to the standard compartment lights, consider adding individual drawer lightbars that will illuminate the contents of your toolbox drawers even in the darkest environments.

5. How can I increase payload?

Work truck payload is premium. Anything you can do to free up weight is always worth considering.  One of the most effective ways to reduce weight and increase payload is to make the switch from steel to aluminum, whenever it makes sense.   

For instance, many accessories such as storage and lube systems are moving to lightweight aluminum versions. New, reliable construction methods have led to aluminum accessories that feature all the benefits you’ve come to expect from their steel counterparts.   

There are many things to consider when building and accessorizing your truck. Be sure to keep an open dialogue with your sales representative to make sure you get the ideal work truck setup for your application. 

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