Understanding Hooklifts: Introducing the Most Flexible Truck in Rental


More. Since Stellar introduced the hooklift to North America, more rental companies are doing more with a single truck. How? It’s all about versatility.

A hooklift is exactly what the name implies. A hook lifts containers and other bodies onto and off of the truck for easy, secure transport. For rental companies, that means simply changing bodies to allow a single truck to be rented out for a variety of needs. Or the hooklift can be used for delivering equipment, dropping off event materials and more. Because a Stellar® Hooklift can be used with a flatbed, a dump body, various container types and much more, a single operator with a single truck can handle a wide range of jobs. That versatility is ideal for the rental industry.

Maximize Efficiency

A hooklift allows a rental house to have a single asset that can be utilized for many situations to support the business as well as the customer base. Only one operator is needed, reducing labor needs. More equipment can be delivered in less time, which in turn gives customers more time to utilize the equipment. Productivity increases for all.

With a hooklift, every job becomes a one-truck job:

  • Handles a wide variety of body types, sizes and capacities
  • Load, unload or change bodies without leaving the cab
  • Easily change bodies quickly and efficiently
  • Tackle day-to-day operational tasks or rent the hooklift for different truck needs

For rental companies, that means:

  • Superior return on investment
  • Lower operational costs

To learn more, contact us or find a distributor.