“We Are Stellar” Celebrates Partner Success


As the Stellar team heads to NTEA Work Truck Week 2023 and CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, we’re excited to launch our We Are Stellar initiative that recognizes the importance of our distributors and customers. Each group is dependent on the others for success, and we’re pleased to celebrate our valued partnerships.

“We Are Stellar is all about partnership,” explains Stellar President Dave Zrostlik. “We partner with distributors to set the standard for quality, innovation and customer service, and we partner with customers to help them meet ever-evolving challenges to stay productive and profitable. Together, We Are Stellar.”

Look for the We Are Stellar launch — and, of course, great products on display — at Work Truck Week Booth 2629 and CONEXPO West Hall – Booth W43845. Be sure to read our Guide to a Stellar CONEXPO Experience. Also as part of the We Are Stellar initiative, check out our new, user-friendly website that features all Stellar products in one place.

Our People. Our Products. Our Customers.

To power productivity for our customers, Stellar® Work Trucks, Trailers and Accessories are engineered and constructed by employee-owners from quality materials and backed by an experienced network of distributors.

Because Stellar is 100% employee-owned, there aren’t public stockholders demanding that corners be cut to squeeze out an extra penny of profits. Stellar employee-owners won’t put quality at risk because they know that happy customers keep coming back, helping our company and our distributors grow in turn. Being invested in success for all is what We Are Stellar is all about.

The Stellar team has also rolled out new ways to get distributor feedback and is working on distributor program enhancements. We’re proud that research shows our customers place deep trust in their distributors, and improved distributor information and communications will benefit everyone.

As Zrostlik puts it: “We think of distributors, customers and our products like a three-legged stool — take one leg away and everything collapses. We’re proud to have distributors and customers as part of the Stellar team as we move into a bold future.”

The Name Stands for Quality

Equipment such as TMAX™ Mechanic & Service Trucks, Service Cranes, Tire Trucks & Manipulators, and Hooklift, Rolloff & Dumpster Trucks have long carried the Stellar name. However, not everyone realizes that products from popular brands such as American Eagle® and MD Products & Solutions are also part of the Stellar family. As we move forward with the We Are Stellar initiative, the brands will be united under the Stellar name to form a stronger-than-ever lineup of equipment and solutions.

In a survey of customers, “quality” was far and away the No.1 trait associated with Stellar. By bringing all brands together under the Stellar name, employee-owners are showing a deeper investment in support of distributors and customers. We want to make it clear that any product bearing the Stellar name is efficiently engineered and manufactured with quality materials to provide the durability and uptime customers can count on.

The following brands and products will be rebranded as Stellar:

American Eagle® Service Truck & Van Accessories

  • Toolbox Systems
  • Service Van Upfit Equipment
  • Air Compressors
  • Lube Skids & Systems
  • Power Units

American Eagle® Trailers

  • Utility & Telecom Trailers
  • FuelMate® Fuel Trailers
  • LubeMate® Lube Trailers

Former MD Products and Solutions Trailers

  • Roose Cable Trailers
  • Stud King™ Combine Head Trailers
  • Mega Stud™ Combine Head Trailers
  • Stomper Stud™ Combine Head Trailers

Your Voice Counts

Listening to customers discuss their business needs has always been a driving force behind Stellar’s history of standard-setting products. We Are Stellar takes that commitment to an even higher level, and we look forward to helping you find still more ways to raise productivity and grow your business.

Please contact us anytime, and be sure to make time to visit us at the Work Truck Show (Booth 2629) and CONEXPO (West Hall – Booth W43845). Schedule a meeting with us at CONEXPO!