One Year Later: What an Expanded Lineup of Stellar Trailers Means to You


In 2021, Stellar acquired MD Products and Solutions, a leader in agricultural trailers and utility-and-telecom trailers right next door to us in the American Heartland. For trailer distributors, farmers, and utility construction contractors who aren’t very familiar with our purchase of the fellow Northern Iowa company, here’s what it means to you.

More Ag Trailer and Utility-and-Telecom Trailer Options

The acquisition expanded the Stellar lineup of quality trailers designed to increase customer productivity in the agriculture, construction and utility-and-telecom construction industries.

With the purchase, Stellar now offers Combine Head Trailers to maximize the ease and safety of header transport, and more Cable Reel Trailer options to help keep utility and telecom construction moving efficiently.

These products have joined the Stellar family and will soon be re-branded and re-named:

  • Roose Drop-On Single Reel and Multi Reel Cable Trailers
  • Roose Self-Loading Single Reel and Multi Reel Cable Trailers
  • Stud King™ Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers
  • Mega Stud™ Gooseneck Combine Head Trailers
  • Stomper Stud™ Adjustable Bumper Pull Combine Head Trailers

The new additions to the lineup enhanced the existing portfolio of Stellar trailers including Utility and Telecom Trailers, FuelMate® Diesel Fuel Trailers, and LubeMate® Enclosed and Open Lube Trailers. The expanded range especially benefits farmers in ag production and ag management, because they can now get reliable combine header trailers and fuel trailers from a single source.

Watch the video below to learn more about Stellar’s complete trailer line, and check out what Laura Farms and “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” have to say about our fuel trailers.

Support From a Long-Established Industry Leader

Another upside of the MD Products and Solutions purchase is that Stellar customers get dedicated support from an employee-owned company with more than 30 years of manufacturing innovative American work trucks, trailers and accessories in the Grain Belt.

With an expanded distributor network, Stellar has become the No. 1 productivity choice in many markets. In addition to providing technical support, parts sales, service and warranty coverage after the sale, we use your direct feedback to inspire product developments and evolutions that address real problems.

In the aftermath of the MD Products and Solutions acquisition, we’re excited to offer our existing customers more trailer options, and we appreciate the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with new customers. We’re here to help you do the important work that makes the world run.

To learn more about how Stellar’s growing trailer line can help boost your productivity, contact us or find a distributor.