Large Corporation Benefits with a Small Company Feel


100% Employee-Ownership Creates Positive, Engaging Work Environment

Why work at Stellar? Well, there’s a big difference between working for a company and working as part of a company. Stellar is 100% employee-owned, so every single person has a stake in the business. We’re able to make a commitment to quality products and top-level service that public companies can’t. No wonder Stellar has been a leader in work trucks, trailers and accessories for decades.

Stellar is committed to treating all employees with dignity and respect, and every employee-owner works together to help exceed customer expectations. Continuous improvement, employee stock ownership, and a positive and team-oriented culture are just some of the qualities that make it such an exceptional place to work.

Continuous Improvement

“We’re out here every day striving to build new products for customers that will make them more productive,” says Tim Davison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Whether it’s a new product or a new process that helps improve manufacturing or customer service, we’re always looking to improve. Ideas for improvement are welcomed from all levels within the company. Our leadership team prides itself on being approachable, because we recognize that all of our employee-owners have the same goal of creating the best possible product for our customers.

Because the Stellar workforce is always pushing the envelope, Stellar products remain in high demand. That high demand allows Stellar to be a futuristic company, with strong growth potential for each and every employee-owner.

Check out more about our dedication to improvement by watching the video below.

The Rewards of Ownership

Our employee-owners directly share in the success of the organization. It’s an atmosphere of teamwork where everyone understands the goal of helping customers succeed because we prosper when they prosper. 

“With employee-ownership, we all feel like we’re a part of the team. We have a say in how things are done,” says Jason Vertin, Director of Sales, Ag and Utility Trailers.

Learn more about how the employee-ownership program at Stellar can benefit you by watching the video below.

Supporting Each Other

To Stellar employees, feeling like part of the team means always having each other’s backs. Even though Stellar may be considered a large corporation due to employee size and financial stability, the culture continues to have a small company feel.

“The feeling of camaraderie and family makes it a very comfortable atmosphere to work in,” says Tim Worman, Senior Product Manager. When employees are comfortable, they’re able to perform quality and innovative work, which helps to provide our customers with the equipment they expect from the Stellar name.

Check out the video below to hear how Stellar embodies a team atmosphere.

Positive Culture

Cultivating a positive environment means that employee-owners really care about the work they are doing. Everyone is working toward the same goal — happy customers — which means the right things are done for the right reasons.

Hear about our positive culture straight from our employee-owners by watching the video below.

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