3 Fresh Tips To Make Your Fleet Last Longer 


The key to maximum productivity is an efficient, well-maintained work truck. To keep your business running at peak potential for as long as possible, consider these three tips to optimize your feet and get the most out of your work truck’s lifecycle.

1. Switch from steel to aluminum 

When choosing a body, consider the use of an aluminum body — such as a Stellar® TMAX™ Aluminum Series — to reduce the weight of the truck. Along with careful payload management, a lighter body will limit the wear and strain on the truck. Aluminum is also a great option to reduce rust and corrosion. Your truck will last longer in harsh winter and ocean-side climates.  

In addition to aluminum bodies, consider equipping your fleet with aluminum work truck accessories. For instance, aluminum lube skids and aluminum storage systems will also reduce weight and increase the longevity of the truck.  

2. Consider the use of an integrated compressor/welder/generator system 

Anything an operator can do to make their truck more efficient — and ultimately more productive — is a good thing.  Converting to an integrated compressor/welder/generator system is a great way to check both those boxes.    

Instead of running an individual air compressor, welder, and generator, consider upfitting your truck with an engine-driven, integrated solution. Not only are these systems more efficient than their modular counterparts, they can help on chassis maintenance and fuel savings as they don’t require the truck to run, utilizing their own engine in place of the standard PTO-driven air compressor configurations found on most work trucks. 

3. Enhance your equipment with technology 

Chassis have included telematics systems for quite some time, with new enhancements each year. With the addition of telematics on your service equipmentyou can manage a fleet for maximum performance and life.  

With telematics systems, fleet managers don’t have to keep track of maintenance needs, equipment usage, and truck lifecycles themselves, increasing the potential savings due to less downtime and fewer equipment replacements.   

Whether you’re stepping up your maintenance game, switching to aluminum equipment for corrosion resistance, or just cutting weight to increase payload, always look to get the most out of your work truck. A well-maintained work truck means more uptime and more money in your pockets. 

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