3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Utility Construction Trailer


Whether you need a utility construction trailer for occasional use, or a heavy-duty trailer that you use every day, considering these three key factors is crucial to selecting the right trailer for your application.

1. Weight capacity

Weight capacity is an important factor in picking a trailer. Knowing the weight of what you will be hauling can determine size and construction of the trailer you need. Also consider things like diameter, length and quantity. Depending on the type of trailer you’re getting — reel trailer, coil trailer, or pipe trailer — these few specifications can make a big difference in the trailer type you select.

2. Intended work cycle

Another thing to consider is your work cycle and environment. Whether you’ll be using the trailer on a daily basis or utilizing it for single jobs here and there throughout the year can determine the durability needed, which can ultimately affect your budget.

3. Working environment

Considering your environment is also key. Will you be loading and unloading by yourself or with other equipment? Will the trailer be sitting on a work site or will it be moving from site to site?

No matter which factors influence your application, it’s important to consider these three areas. To work toward getting the trailer that’s best for you, contact us or find a distributor.