3 Pillars of a Productivity Mindset


Productivity is a mindset. Your work truck is the key to getting the job done, so it makes sense to always think about getting the most out of this asset. Make the following three philosophies a permanent part of your mindset to maximize the productivity of your work truck. 

1. Service your equipment regularly 

Productivity is all about uptime. There is nothing worse than having a piece of equipment down when there is a job to be done. To maximize productivity, stick to the preventative maintenance and inspection schedules. Regular maintenance not only improves longevity, but it also ensures that your equipment is always running at peak performance. 

All Stellar equipment features an inspection logbook available to download for free from our resource library. If you need a printed copy for personal use, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. 

2. Keep your tools organized 

It may seem simple, but keeping your tools organized is a great way to increase productivity. Everything your parents told you when you were a kid still applies. Take care of your tools and they’ll take care of you.  Keep them clean and return them to their proper home when finished. This way you’ll never have to waste time digging for the right socket or trying to remember where you stored your pry bar. 

The mobile tool storage systems you choose for your truck can make a huge impact on productivity. Stellar® Toolbox Systems feature removable drawers that allow you to take your tools right to the work location. Some mechanics even designate a “transport” drawer, load it up with the tools they need, pop the drawer, and carry it to the job at hand. This is a great way to save trips back to the truck compartment. 

3. A lighter truck means more payload 

Payload is a key component to the productivity of any work truck. The less the truck weighs, the more equipment you can take to the job site. More equipment means more versatility and ultimately, a more productive work session.   

The easiest way to gain payload on your current truck is to swap out those old steel drawers and bolt bins with newer light-weight aluminum versions. Stellar® Heavy Duty aluminum drawer systems feature the same 500-pound individual drawer capacity as their steel counterparts but weigh 30 percent less.   

When spec’ing out a new truck, seriously consider moving to an aluminum work truck body.  The Stellar® TMAX™ aluminum mechanics bodies use aluminum construction where it makes sense while keeping the steel structural components intact.  This means corrosion-resistant aluminum side packs and doors while maintaining an all steel underbody, load bed, and crane compartment.    

Switching from an allsteel body to this hybrid aluminum version can save you up to 1,200 pounds depending on the body model.  Put those extra pounds to work for you by adding the tools you need to get the job done. 

Whether you’re stepping up your maintenance game, reorganizing your tools, or just cutting weight to increase payload, always look to get the most out of your work truck.  At the end of the day, keeping this productivity mindset will mean happier customers and ultimately more money in your pocket.   

Interested in talking more about ways to maximize productivity? Contact us or your local distributor.